Why you should care about a farmer’s health

Posted by admin

The internet is filled with stories about how farmers are dying from pesticides.

I’m here to tell you, I’ve had the same experiences, and I’m sick of it.

I’ve been working in the agriculture industry for 15 years now and I’ve always been able to get by on my own.

The biggest problem I’ve noticed is that farmers aren’t allowed to use the same pesticides for both the crop and the land.

That is, there are no safety tests for either crop.

It makes me sick to think that the farmers that grow food and produce the food that is eaten in the world are so ignorant about pesticides.

Farmers who are not able to use a product as safe as glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, have been exposed to deadly levels of herbicides in their fields.

These chemicals are used in the process of making our food.

While I am proud of the hard work I do and the many great farmers I’ve met throughout my career, I’m even more frustrated that these chemicals are not used in farms.

I’m sick and tired of the farmer who is so happy to harvest a crop, but then is surprised to discover that his pesticide spray is toxic to his livestock.

This farmer has been exposed and can’t be held responsible.

One of my most difficult jobs is to keep the farm in balance.

There is a lot of time spent in the field doing things that can hurt the soil, but if the farmer is in a hurry, it can be a waste of time.

For example, I have to make sure that the soil stays moist and that it does not get flooded.

If the soil gets too wet, the weed will be able to take over the land and damage the crops.

Another problem is that the crops need to be watered during the summer and then harvested and then dried out.

This can cause the crops to die from lack of water, not being able to dry out the soil properly.

I also have to take care of the animals that I am able to farm and care for them, and then bring them back to the farm for their harvest.

A good farmer knows how to use their land and not waste it.

If I’m not doing this right, my crops will get a bad name.

This is why I love to help other farmers.

I hope to one day be able see my own farm as a good example of how to treat your land properly.

It’s an uphill battle, but I believe that the best way to make a positive difference in your farm’s life is to always ask yourself why you’re doing this.

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