Why do farmers complain about the bales?

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Farmers complain about bales of hay that are being left at the edge of the farmland after being picked up by their tractor and loaded onto trucks.

The bales have become a problem with the government, as they contain toxic waste.

But, as the issue has received national attention, some farmers are taking it up with the authorities.

According to the National Farmers Union, the bails have been dumped on land belonging to farmers in Kancheepuram district in Tamil Nadu.

The NFU, which represents around 10,000 farmers in the state, has been organising protests against the bale dump at the corner of Balyasagar road and Kancheeripoor in the district.

The protesters are protesting the dumping of the balsam bales.

The area has been a dumping ground for the past 10 years, said Anu Parthasarathy, general secretary of the NFU.

“We are protesting to ensure the safety of the people and environment.

We are not against bales, but farmers need to get their bales cleaned,” he said.

The district magistrate, B K Vaidyanathan, who heads the district police, told The Hindu that the balams had not been dumped since the beginning of last year.

The farmer who owns the farm, Vinod Kulkarni, said that he had noticed that the area around the bala had a lot of water.

“In one hour, we were able to get rid of some of the waste.

It was a shame, as we used to be able to harvest the baled hay from the balingi (cattle),” he said, adding that he was taking legal action against the farmers.

But there is no clarity on the issue.

The state government has asked the district authorities to conduct an inquiry.

NFU president V N Chandrasekharan said that the issue of bales was a concern of the farmers but it should not be politicised.

“They (farmers) have not come forward with their complaints to us and we do not know what to do about them.

It should be handled in the context of the situation,” he told The Indian Express.

A spokesperson for the Tamil Nadu government, A.K. Varma, said the balfies were not collected by the government and were not taken to a facility for disposal.

“As per the regulations, bales can be collected by government officials.

We have collected bales from the district collector, which was sent to the landfill,” he added.

The minister of state for land acquisition, Jitender Singh, has assured the government that the matter would be dealt with appropriately.

However, the government has not given any indication that it will take any action on the matter.

“If bales are collected by someone, it will be sent to a government department.

We do not have any authority to do that.

We cannot do anything,” said a senior official.

According in the official statement, the minister has directed the district administration to “take necessary steps to collect bales.”

The NU has also launched a website where farmers can report their grievances.

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