Which state farmers are making the most money?

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Farmers are making big bucks.

In Iowa, for example, the state’s agriculture department says farmers have made more than $1 billion in sales and profits since 2014.

In North Dakota, farmers made $9 million last year, according to data from the state agriculture department.

And in Utah, the Iowa state agricultural department says Iowa farmers have earned more than a half-billion dollars since 2014, when farmers harvested $3.5 billion worth of crops and products.

The data from Iowa and Utah show that farmers in the agricultural sector have had plenty of opportunities to make money.

They’ve also had plenty to fight for.

“The farmers that I know who are going through tough times are the ones that are in the best positions to make some money,” said John DeCrescenzo, president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, which represents Iowa’s largest farmers.

IOWA’S FAIRIES In the past, Iowa’s agricultural industry has been a haven for farmers in desperate need of cash.

The state’s unemployment rate has been in the low single digits for decades, and the unemployment rate for farm workers has been well below 5 percent since the Great Recession.

But over the past year, the number of farms in Iowa has exploded.

Last year, farmers spent more than 7 billion dollars in the state, according a recent analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

That figure includes payments to farmers from state and local governments, as well as payments from farmers themselves.

According to the Iowa Department of Agriculture, more than half of the $1.5 trillion in farm sales in Iowa in 2014 were made by farmers.

The agricultural industry also is a major employer in other parts of the country.

Farmers make more than the average worker makes in a year, making about $25,000 more than workers who are full-time, according for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For many, it’s not easy.

When a family of four wants to buy a new car, they need to take a loan to help cover the down payment, according the American Farm Bureau Federation.

But they also have to pay for fuel, tires and insurance, among other expenses.

Even when the farm is struggling, a couple of farmers can still make some dough.

Joe Gartner, an Iowa farmer, was the biggest winner in the 2014 auction of a farm in Iowa’s southeastern corner.

Gartner had been making a lot of money selling the farm for years and hoped to turn it into a restaurant.

But his plan was stymied by the recession.

He needed a loan for his construction project.

He couldn’t find anyone willing to take his money.

And he also couldn’t afford the $3,000-a-day rent on the $200,000 farmhouse, which was still being used as a small home.

Gartners family, who owns a hardware store, was left with little to buy, so he sold the house and put all his money into a second home.

Instead of selling the house, he started a business that would eventually become the largest agricultural operation in Iowa.

Since then, Gartens farm has become a magnet for Iowa farmers, and more than 30 other small farms have opened across the state.

A farmer named Michael Cramer was one of them.

Growing up in rural Iowa, Cramer has lived a relatively normal life.

His family has been farming and making money since the late 1950s, when he was 12.

But when the recession hit, his life changed.

Cramer lost his job as a farmer and his father lost his farm, so Cramer, now 29, started selling his equipment and selling his land.

He also started a new company that he called Farmers Market.

The sales helped buy his house and a new business.

But it wasn’t until the recession, when Cramer’s sales were flat, that he was able to start selling equipment again.

By selling his business and buying his home, Cramers business is thriving, and he’s not planning to stop anytime soon.

‘A little bit of luck’ When the recession happened, Crapes were still fresh, but the weather was miserable.

Some people in Cramers small town were scared to leave their homes because of the cold.

But he was worried about how he would survive without money.

He knew he could only afford to buy his equipment through a small loan, and that was a big risk.

So Cramer started selling the equipment.

And as a result, his sales have skyrocketed.

Now, Crams farm employs more than 100 people.

Cramer has become known as the “Godfather of Iowa.”

He sells hundreds of items at farmers markets across the Midwest and has opened a restaurant, as have other small farmers.

Cramer also sells some of

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