Which is the cheapest farm in Kerala?

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The cheapest farm near Bijapur in Kerala, the farm of Maggie’s father, Davin Bharadwaj, has been sold for a whopping Rs 3.3 crore.

The buyer, Bharadwal, bought the farm for Rs 4 crore from his wife, Maggie, in March this year.

Bharadwal has been farming since he was in the early 70s, but he has been getting cash crops since 2003.

“We have a good crop this year and we want to sell it,” he said.

“This is the first time I am selling the farm.

I had purchased it from my brother, who has since sold it.

We will sell the farm in three months time,” he added.

He had bought the land from his brother-in-law, Mitesh Yadav, who was also a farmer.

In January, Maggie’s farm had an annual yield of 50 kg.

The farm is now managed by the farmman’s wife, who runs the farm on her own.

“I am trying to sell the land as we are facing a lot of debt.

We have not been able to sell crops for a long time.

I am planning to sell my share in the farm and give my assets to my daughter,” said Maggie, a housewife.

Burba, the head of the Bharadwar farm in Davan district, said the farm is going to be sold in three to four months.

“My son-in and I are planning to give our assets to our daughter.

We hope the buyer will be able to give us a better price for the land,” he told The Hindu.

Maggie said her father-in of the farm has not paid much attention to the auction process.

“His main concern is the payment of the loan, and that has not been done,” she said.

“We have already started to get the money to buy our crops and sell them,” she added.

“Our son- in-law is in the process of collecting the money and we have also given a loan of Rs 3 lakh.

We are planning on paying off our debt and selling our farm,” she, added.

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