Which farms in Minnesota are the most environmentally friendly?

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The answer may surprise you.

The answer to that question is…

Schrute Farms.

Read moreSchruthers are a family owned farm and the biggest in Minnesota.

They are in the Twin Cities suburb of Northfield, about 10 miles north of Minneapolis.

They’re one of only a few farms in the country that are managed entirely by employees.

It’s not just the food that’s environmentally friendly.

It’s the way they do it.

Schruti is a 100% certified organic farm, with no pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides.

They use composted manure to build their manure and compost for their soil.

They compost and fertilize their water.

They don’t use pesticides and they don’t have a chemical fertilizer.

“We take the best practices of our agricultural industry, including our composting, and we apply them to our soil and manure and we put them right in our compost bins,” said Doug Schmitt, CEO of Schruther Farms.

Schritters organic fertilizer and water comes from a natural source, as it washes over the land.

The rest of the fertilizer is used to make mulch.

Schmitt said the compost has a shelf life of three years, which means it’s available for use for the next 10 years.

The compost, like all organic farming, comes from the soil, not the plants, said Schmitt.

“It’s a really great thing to do,” Schmitt told Recode.

“It’s just a matter of managing the land.”

Schruta is part of a network of farmers in the Midwest who have been growing organic, sustainable food for years.

Schritters farm has been featured on a number of national and local news outlets.

Schmitt said it’s a lot easier to manage a farm with people who are on the same page as you than it is to manage organic food yourself.

“The process is much more seamless,” Schritts told Recoded.

Schmitty Farms is a farm in Minnesota that is a hybrid of organic and conventional farming.

The organic farm is 100% organic, while the conventional farm is 95% organic.

The farm is in an area where there are lots of deer, which is a huge environmental concern.

But Schmitt says it’s been good for the farm.

“There’s been some positive results,” he said.

“We’re still working on a lot of things, but we’re pretty excited about it.”

Schmitts organic fertilizer comes from his own compost.

He said he uses composted horse manure from his barn.

It has a chemical preservative called polyvinyl chloride, which has been used to protect livestock and is also used to disinfect manure.

Schriftt’s farm is also part of an organic group, which he is part-owner of.

Schriftt said it makes a big difference.

“Our organic operation is pretty good,” he told Recod.

“I don’t see it as a competition, but it’s nice to know there’s some people that are doing this right.”

Schriftts compost is made with horse manure, not fertilizer.

“They use horse manure in a lot more ways than just a horse manure product,” he added.

“So it’s good to have more choices in the organic fertilizer industry.

It also allows us to be more environmentally conscious, which I think is a good thing.”

Schragetts organic compost is also a lot cleaner than most organic fertilizers.

“With our organic fertilizer, we’re using a lot less chlorine, which can be very toxic to the environment,” he explained.

“There’s a higher concentration of organic chemicals in the compost.”

Schrustt said the fertilizer has been a great tool for his farmers to be able to keep their crops healthy and productive.

“I think it’s an easy and effective way to help us maintain and grow healthy crops,” he shared.

“A lot of farmers do not use their organic fertilizer to fertilize.”

Schmitts organic food has helped make the farm more sustainable.

Schmitty said the organic food they sell has been an added benefit for them, too.

“A lot is organic food,” he laughed.

“If it’s organic food that is good for our farm, that’s good for us.”

Schritts organic fertilizer also saves on fuel costs.

“Because our compost has such a shelf-life, it’s not necessary to use a lot and it’s very economical to run a lot,” he stated.

Schmitts organic manure also has a lot in common with other organic farms.

“Most organic food we sell, our compost is organic,” he continued.

“The difference is that we use a different kind of organic fertilizer than what most farmers use.”

Schmitters organic compost has been made from recycled material, and the company says the compost is 99% compost.

“Our compost comes from recycled materials,” he pointed out.

“What we have to make sure we’re doing is the right thing for the environment.”Schlute

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