Which farms are using the most pesticides?

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A lot of farm animals are suffering from pesticide use.

That’s according to a new report from the environmental group Oxfam. 

Farmers are spraying millions of pounds of pesticides into the environment to kill pests and to make sure they’re being treated safely, says the Oxfam report, which will be released on Thursday.

The use of pesticides is growing in Britain, but it’s far from the only issue in the country.

In the UK, an estimated 30 million pounds of pesticide is sprayed into the soil every year, according to Oxfam, which also found the number of people living near farmland had risen by a third in the past decade. 

According to Oxfod, the biggest use of agricultural chemicals is biofuels, which is the process of using pesticides to grow plants.

Farmers use more than 500 chemicals on farms, and are using up to 5,500 chemicals on the planet each day, Oxfam said.

And according to the report, it’s not just about farmers spraying pesticides into their fields.

“In the past year alone, more than 50% of the UK’s food, dairy and meat production was used to grow chemicals,” the report said. 

Oxfam said that it was time for the UK government to tackle the issue and create more policies that support farmers and protect animals.

As part of the plan, it wants to ensure the UK does not continue to use agricultural chemicals on farmlands that could have a negative impact on the environment and people’s health, the group said.

The report, published by Oxfam on Thursday, also found that farmers in the UK are spraying pesticides on farms and the environment more than in other countries, and that the UK is one of the countries where farmers are sprayed the most. 

The report said the UK has the largest concentration of farmland used as pesticide in the world, with a combined 1.1 million hectares.

The UK is one of the leading exporters of pesticides in the world. 

In 2016, US farmers sprayed an estimated 13.5 million pounds (3.7 million metric tonnes) of fertiliser on their farmlands. 

However, Oxforn said it was a “disappointing” statistic because most farmers use a lot of pesticides. 

“This is largely because the amount of chemicals that farmers are using on their farmland is greater than in any other country in the developed world,” the group said.

It added that while many farmers in Britain are using pesticides on their land, many of the chemicals are still not approved by regulators. 

It said the number of farmers in England and Wales who are using a high proportion of pesticides has increased in the last two years, with a recent survey finding that only 16% of farmers use farmer-friendly chemicals, compared to 30% in 2016.

The farm industry in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has finally agreed to pesticide testing in order to improve its control of pests and improve the safety of farm chemicals. 

But the report found that farmers were still spraying pesticides on farmland, and said the country needed more policies to protect animals and farmers from pesticides.

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