Which farm insurance providers are offering the best rates?

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New York State Farm Bureau (NYSFB) is one of the biggest and most prominent insurers on the farm insurance market, providing insurance for more than 200,000 farms.

But it’s not just the New York-based agency that’s offering the most favorable rates to farmers. 

“Our goal is to make sure you get the best value,” NYSFB’s CEO and CEO, Joseph Condon, told the Financial Times in 2015. 

Condon said the agency would “pay your premiums” and that the insurance companies he had “all of a sudden found, and it was all so great, we had to keep them.” 

That’s not the case. 

For example, New York’s Farm Bureau Insurance Co. (NYFBI) offers a three-year farm insurance policy with an average premium of $8,903 for a total of $34,072.

That’s a $5,821 difference from the highest-rated agency. 

According to a report by the nonprofit advocacy group Farm Bureau, the biggest differences between the highest rated agencies and NYSFAI were the price of policies and the fact that the agencies offer fewer farm coverage options. 

As of December 2017, the NYFBI offers an average policy for a $1,958 premium. 

The NYSFarm Bureau offers a policy for $1 (with a $50 deductible) for a cost of $2,902. 

In the same month, the Farm Bureau offered a policy with a $6,716 deductible for a cost of $3,938. 

This difference is the result of the NYSFBI offering more farm coverage and more comprehensive policies. 

However, the difference between the NYFAI and NYFBS policies is actually much smaller than that. 

NYFBS offers a six-year, $5.8 million policy, while NYFBB offers a four-year policy, with a deductible of $6.5 million. 

Even when comparing policies from two different companies, the cost of coverage remains significantly lower for the average farm owner than it is for the top-rated insurance provider. 

 Farm Bureau’s premium was $7,766 in the December 2017 issue of Farm Bureau’s Farm and Ranch, while its policy with NYFBi was $6 (with the deductible at $5 million). 

 In contrast, NYFFI offers a five-year three-employer policy, but it’s only $1.7 million.

The average price of a policy at NYFFi is $4,827, while the average policy at NewFBI is $6 million.

 In fact, it’s the difference in cost that gives the NYBBI and NYSFBI policies more bang for their buck than NYFBBI’s or NYFbi’s. 

What do you think? 

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