When Joe’s Farm Grill is ready for vertical farming

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A new vertical farming restaurant will be opened at Joe’s in Melbourne, which will have a full kitchen, an outdoor kitchen, and a small greenhouse.

Joe’s owner Joe Schumacher is aiming to provide food and a social element to his rural property, and the first food court will feature a variety of products and snacks.

The restaurant is being run by Mr Schumachers son, Mike, who has been cooking at the restaurant for the last four years.

“We were looking at building a full-service restaurant and wanted to do it in the best way possible,” Mr Schumsons son said.

The concept will include a full bar, an indoor kitchen, a full outdoor kitchen and a full indoor greenhouse.

The indoor kitchen will be open to the public and the outdoor kitchen will have seating for about 100 people, according to the announcement.

“The kitchen will give you the best of both worlds.

You will have the ability to make food in your own home and also enjoy the best food available at the farm,” Mr Schnumacher said.

“This restaurant will also be a source of inspiration for others to set up their own vertical farms in the future.”

Mr Schmacher has been a vegetarian for many years, but he said he has always had a passion for food and wanted his restaurant to reflect that.

“I love cooking.

I’ve had many different dishes, but I’m always looking for new recipes to try,” he said.

Mr Schumanns father, Joe Schmayer, also said he wanted to make the restaurant a community venture.

“People who are vegetarian, vegan, vegan foodies, they want to come and experience what Joe’s is all about, and we want to provide that experience,” Mr Smeeter said.

He said the food court would be open on weekends, but would not open on Monday.

The new Joe’s restaurant will include the following products and dishes: A full bar where customers can sample new food.

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