When is the next drought?

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A farmer says it will be very difficult to continue to grow potatoes this season despite the ongoing drought.

Farmers are being asked to cut back on planting and cutting back on watering because of the dry conditions in the country.

“It’s not as bad as we thought, but the water is a little bit dry and the soil is not as good,” said farmer Domenica Carreras, from the farming community of Alvaro in the north of the country, who has been watering crops since the start of the drought.

We have a big reservoir that is very old and it has to be replenished. “

We are also facing the risk of having to reduce the irrigation.

Farmers across the country are having to rely on small-scale irrigation, which is also costly, and on the state government for water. “

There is also the risk that some of the water that we collect will run out and not go to the crop, so we have to conserve that water.”

Farmers across the country are having to rely on small-scale irrigation, which is also costly, and on the state government for water.

The drought has hit agricultural production particularly hard, said the chief agricultural officer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, José Antonio Calvo, saying farmers in the region are experiencing high prices for water, and are being forced to use water that is more expensive to pay for.

“This is the first time that we have seen that we are not able to keep our water supply, and that is a major problem,” Mr Calvo told the ABC.

“The government has not done enough to help the farmers.

We are in a situation that we cannot even feed ourselves anymore.”

Farm workers in Alvaros region have been forced to depend on small, family-run irrigation systems that are usually provided by the state to meet their water needs.

“The situation in the past year was that we had to make a sacrifice and we were paying the price,” Ms Calvo said.

This year, the water has not been the same.

“We are having water shortages and water restrictions and it’s affecting our farm,” Ms Carrera said.

“When the rain comes, we are only able to use one water source.”

It is very difficult.

We can’t grow any crops with water that runs out.

“Water shortages in the regions hardest hit by the drought include the state of Pampas, where the state water company, Pampanga, is currently under suspension.

The drought hit farming operations in the southern state as well, with farmers struggling to keep water to their crops.”

Water shortages and restrictions are happening in many parts of the Pampagas region, and we are suffering from a water shortage in the townships,” Mr Carreca said.”

In Alvarados, we have some people that can’t afford to buy water and the other ones have to go to other areas.

“He said that with the drought worsening, the state’s water company had been forced “to start pumping water” from a dam in the area, which it had started in October.”

So, the dam is being pumped more water than it needs.

It’s not an option for us,” he said.

Farmers in Pampagos are also suffering the effects of the ongoing dry weather, as they cannot keep water coming to the area because of a lack of water infrastructure.”

If we have a drought this season, then we will be able to grow our crops, but we are facing the problems of not being able to water our fields,” Mr Camargo said.

The government says it is doing everything it can to alleviate the drought and to provide water to farmers, but farmers are worried that there is not enough help to go around.”

As soon as we receive the government’s help, it will definitely come,” Mr Campos said.


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