What you need to know about the ‘Fleet Farm Hours’ update

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When the update launches on Tuesday, April 4, players can expect a new fleet farm that gives the opportunity to earn new jobs and upgrade the farm’s equipment. 

Fleet farm hours are limited to five hours per day, and they reset on the fourth day after midnight, the same day as the update. 

This is a good time to start farming. 

The farm will be located at the east coast of the island and it will have a limited amount of food. 

There is also a fleet farm available at the west coast, at the north coast, and at the south coast. 

These farms are accessible by sailing to the west or south, respectively. 

Players will need to be level 50 in order to earn farm jobs. 

A player must also have a fleet of at least two ships in order for the farm to function. 

In the beta, the farm had one ship, but that was later replaced with a new ship. 

With the update, the new ship will be the fleet ship.

There are three types of farm jobs that can be earned: Farming, Fishing, and Farming. 

You will earn a specific amount of farm and fishing jobs depending on the amount of fish you catch. 

Farming is the main source of income in the game. 

Fish can be harvested in a wide variety of ways, and can be sold for resources or sold for food.

Fishing is where you can purchase fishing gear. 

It also provides players with experience, which is used to level up. 

Each day, the player will earn experience points. 

Leveling up will increase the player’s level, but you can only level up to the maximum of the maximum level possible, which will always be 50. 

Once you have reached the maximum amount of level, you will need more fish to harvest. 

Additionally, if you get too many fish in a single day, you can receive a warning and need to return to the island to collect your catch.

If you want to earn fishing and farming jobs, you need a fleet that has a fishing capacity of at most 100. 

If you do not have enough fish to purchase a fleet, you should farm the area around the island, which you can do by sailing south, west, north, or east. 

All of the farms are located at specific locations, but there are some farms that are found near the ocean, on the mountains, and in the jungle. 

To make the farming and fishing farms work properly, you must have at least one of the following: A ship, which has a maximum size of at the player or their ship.

A vessel that can sail between the players.

A player that can access the island.

A crew that can harvest and sell the fish.

A minimum of one player with a fleet. 

Anvil Farm Farming Avil Farm is a new farming farm that is available in the beta. 

At the start of the game, players are required to build a farm. 

 Once built, the Avil Farm will be able to accept any type of fish, but only the following types of fish: Aquatic Fish, Marine Fish, Fish with scales, and Aquatic Shrimp. 

They can only grow at the Aquatic Farm. 

Other fish can be picked up in the Aquanl Farm, but it is limited to Aquatic Fishes. 

After you have picked up the Aquanaut, a player will receive a fish hat. 

However, there are only three types that players can harvest at the Aavil Farm: Aquanfishes, Aquanhogs, and Fish. 

During the beta there were no limits on the size of the AquaTropic Fish farm, but players will have to build the farm themselves. 

As with the Aquantropic Farm, the Aquagirl farm is a large, open area that can only be accessed by sailing from the Aquacraft station. 

Two other farms are also available: The Aquascent Farm is located in the middle of the map, and is a farming farm.

This farm can be accessed only by sailing north or south from the aquacraft. 

Both the Aquasent Farm and the Aquatropic Farms are located in a forest. 

Also, players must have a minimum of two players with a team to harvest fish. 

Another fishing farm is available at either the north or east coast.

A fisherman can harvest the Aquawindfish at the aquaview station.

The Aquawinks are located around the Aquaxerge station, which can be reached by sailing west or north. 

Finally, there is the Aquakins farm, which requires players to sail to the Aquastar station and have the Aquassa farm.

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