‘Weird’ farm truck used to transport livestock for meat export

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A bizarre farm truck was used to haul livestock for export from the U.S. to China, and the farm owner has been ordered to pay more than $1.2 million in fines.

The farm was transporting 1,000 cows and sheep in a tractor for a beef producer called the Rancho Mendocino, which also sells meat products.

The truck had been modified to transport 2,000 animals a day, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

The company has appealed the fines.

Farmers who buy meat from the ranch are required to pay a 5 percent surcharge to the U-Haul company.

The surcharge is waived for companies that use trucks for commercial operations.

The owner of the Ranchos Mendocinos farm, Bill Wilson, said in a statement that he was “extremely disappointed and surprised” to learn of the fine.

He said he was unaware that the truck had a built-in camera that could monitor the trucks speed and speed of its load.

“I have never been to the United States before, but I have heard of some of the states where the UHaul trucks are used,” Wilson said in the statement.

The truck was equipped with a GPS device that can be used to find a specific destination. “

The UHaus trucks are only used for freight deliveries.”

The truck was equipped with a GPS device that can be used to find a specific destination.

The owner of Rancho Rancho, Robert Mendoc, told the Mercury News that he did not have an operating contract with the Uhaul truck company.

“We don’t have any kind of contract to run the truck,” Mendoc said.

“We just have a contract to get the truck in and out of the country.”

The Mercury News also reported that a U-haul representative did not return a phone call requesting comment.

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