Watch: The latest on the Farm Aid farm aid program

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The farm aid initiative has been a hit with the American people, but it is facing criticism from some of the world’s wealthiest farmers who say the program is being rushed.

The farm aid fund, a partnership between the United States and other developing countries, has been used to purchase crops that are needed by more than half of the U.S. population and to buy food for people in need in rural areas.

But some American farmers say they are facing financial hardship as a result of the program and that the government has failed to adequately cover the cost of food aid.

They say it is also costing them millions of dollars in lost sales.

For example, a USDA-funded crop insurance program that covers about $300 million in annual expenses in 2014 has already run out of money, said Mark Trescott, a spokesman for the Farm Bureau.

The program covers a portion of agricultural land and requires farmers to submit a crop insurance policy each year to receive a payment.

Trescat said the program will be funded for a further three years, but said it is not yet clear when it will end.

“We have a backlog of over $3 billion, and we have to continue to make investments in the program to make sure we can continue to provide the assistance that we need to farmers in need,” Trescot said.

The USDA estimates that at least 40 million people are affected by the farm aid funding program.

Many of the recipients of the farm assistance program rely on the money for food, medical and other needs.

But a large number of the beneficiaries are poor farmers, said Robert T. Miller, director of the Farm Security Trust.

Some of them are elderly farmers, who are in rural communities, he said.

Some also rely on farm subsidies for crop insurance.

The program, known as farm aid or aid for farmers, has helped provide food aid to more than 8.4 million households in the United

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