Travis, the startup that’s built a farming company from the ground up

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It’s the biggest farm-to-table startup in the world.

That’s right, a company that grows fresh produce for its customers and sells it to restaurants.

The Austin-based company has raised more than $100 million in venture funding, and today it’s making waves by launching a $60 billion seed round.

And the company says that, if it keeps working hard, it’ll be able to build a $20 billion market.

“We’re not the only ones trying to grow organic,” says Travis CEO Chris Stauffer.

“There are other companies that are trying to build that model.

And, as the market matures, you’re going to see a lot of other people trying to make a similar thing happen.”

So why does it matter?

Because in a world where you can buy and sell food on the cheap, and get your food to your table for a fraction of the cost of grocery, it’s a powerful move to make.

It’s a strategy that’s helped a lot over the last couple of decades, when it’s been a much easier way to buy organic food than it is to produce it.

And with farmers and other organic producers using a variety of methods to keep their crops healthy, it means that people can eat fresh food without having to worry about pesticides and pesticides residue.

The company has found that a lot more people are willing to buy the produce it sells, and they’re willing to pay more for it.

That leads to higher yields, which means more money in the pockets of farmers, who can then sell the product at a lower price than if it had been purchased fresh.

But the startup isn’t trying to sell products directly to consumers.

Instead, it focuses on helping farmers grow their own food, while also selling it to other restaurants.

That helps reduce the costs of growing food, and it can help companies that can’t grow their food to make more money.

So why is it so important?

Stauffer says that there’s a big difference between buying food, which is what he calls “bundling,” and selling it, which he calls selling to restaurants, which are generally not considered “organic.”

“It’s the same idea: You want to make sure that you’re not wasting money,” he says.

“That you’re making the best use of the money you have.

And that’s really hard to do when you’re selling it directly to customers.”

And when a food company can’t sell directly to diners, the result is that there aren’t any more diners to sell to.

That means that more money goes to companies that aren’t able to grow their produce.

There’s an entire ecosystem of companies that sell food directly to restaurants and consumers, but it’s hard to find a market that works across all these different categories, says Stauff.

So, when Travis was founded, he set out to help companies grow their businesses by creating a service that could help them sell their produce directly to other businesses, so that diners and other consumers wouldn’t have to waste money on restaurants.

As it turns out, that service is called “Travis Direct,” and it’s currently available in 20 states and Canada.

It connects farmers with restaurants and lets them sell products to their customers.

The company will soon expand the service to more cities, including the U.K. and Germany, and hopes to add more states in the future.

For Travis Direct, Stauffen says the main thing is that it’s just an extension of what he and his team have always wanted to do.

He and his co-founder, Chris Staunffer, have been in farming for a long time, having started in the mid-1990s and eventually moving to the startup world.

Their first company, Texas Poultry, was an online grocery store.

Staunff was the CEO, while Staufer was the chief technology officer.

The two were married in 2004, and Stauf said he and Staunfer were able to make it work on their own.

Stauffe started as a software engineer, and he became a farmer, eventually working on a farm in California, but eventually decided to move to Austin to start his own business.

He wanted to be in agriculture as much as he wanted to build something that could sell food to people.

Then in 2012, Staunf started talking to Travis about the idea of a farmer’s market.

Stausfer, a farmer himself, had been interested in the idea for some time.

Staurpef wanted to sell food in a different way, so he approached Travis Direct about building a farmer-to

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