The phat farm is still here

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The first time I saw it, I thought it was a joke.

A few weeks later, the whole farm was filled with food.

It was a little out of this world.

The farm is the brainchild of Carson Farms, a family of farmers in California.

The idea was born in the middle of the night in late March.

Carson Farms is based in a sprawling, hilly area of the Sacramento Valley, but its main operations are in an abandoned industrial park.

It has a huge tract of land that’s mostly filled with cattle and sheep.

But that’s not all the farm has to offer.

A huge amount of the meat comes from goats.

“We’ve got a lot of goats, a lot,” said Caleb Peterson, Carson Farms’ chief executive.

“Our goats have been a major source of protein in the farm.”

So when Carson Farms was founded in 2015, it was the perfect fit for this rural area, Peterson said.

“It’s a beautiful area and there’s a lot that’s beautiful in the valley.

There’s lots of things to do in this area.”

Carson Farms operates about 100 farms in the Sacramento area, but Peterson said he has plans to expand to other areas of the state.

“The idea was to open up more areas to agriculture, and we’ve had some great successes in those areas,” he said.

Carson Farm is the first large-scale farming operation in California to have a facility like this, which is what has attracted Peterson to the state in the first place.

“You have a lot more potential in the state of California to grow meat than in many other places,” Peterson said, pointing to the fact that beef production in the region is growing faster than anywhere else.

The ranch, which sits at the junction of three major highways, is a beautiful place to visit.

Peterson said his family, and those in the surrounding communities, have been able to enjoy the valley’s rich wildlife and wildlife-rich natural surroundings without the constant traffic.

“When you come to this place, it’s very easy to enjoy,” he explained.

“I think it’s great that we’re able to be here and have our family enjoy the nature that we have here.”

It took a few years, but the farm is now fully operational.

The food comes from a variety of different producers, from beef to poultry to pigs.

The main beef producers are located on the main tract, which stretches to the west of the farm, and the main sheep and goats producers are on the east side.

The goats and cattle production is done by the farm’s local cattle herders, which include a couple of older cattle breeders who have been in the business for many years.

“If you look at the size of this farm, the number of people that work here is really, really large,” Peterson explained.

When I first saw it I thought that it was just another thing that wasn’t right, that it wasn’t working, that they were trying to do something a little different.

But over time, I started to see it grow and I was able to see that it’s just as good and that it can grow even more.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, you’re just going to have to pay $15,000 to have it open up,’ but you can actually make that happen,” Peterson continued.

“There are some other places in the world that are doing this.

I think it has a real potential to be very successful.”

The farm currently has about 60 people working on the operation, with most of them on weekends and evenings.

The biggest challenges of this project have been finding space to house all of the equipment and feed the cows.

“That’s why it took a while,” Peterson told me.

“As the project was getting underway, we found a really good location that had a lot to offer in terms of feed storage and a good location to have our equipment.”

The food truck has been a staple of Carson Farm for a while.

Peterson told Engadgest that the truck is a very important part of the operation.

“This is not just a food truck,” he added.

“Here you can really experience the food.

You can really have a good time with your family and enjoy the food.”

The first year of operations was a big success, Peterson told us.

“People have been really excited,” he continued.

The farmers are hoping to get some more help to open the farm up, but they are not sure how quickly they will be able to do so.

They have some other things they need to get through the first year before they can open up, including a new feedlot that they are planning on opening in the spring.

It’s not yet known if they will have a permanent location in the area.

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