‘The Farmer’s Dog’ Is a Modern Classic

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What if we could have a dog that could speak for itself?

That’s what the movie The Farmer’s Pet is all about, and it looks like the answer might be in the form of a kennel-trained shepherd.

The dog is named Jimball and he comes with a set of instructions that allow you to feed him, water him, and exercise him while he stays in your house.

Jimball will only stay with you when he wants to, but he’ll need to learn the basics of how to interact with humans in order to become a reliable companion.

While the movie does have a lot of dog-friendly elements, you can expect some serious barking and chewing from Jimball.

The movie also features an array of other animals to interact and interact with.

We spoke with the producers of The Farmer and The Dog about how it all came together and how they’re looking forward to sharing Jimball with people.

The film was shot in Los Angeles and was originally set to be released in the United States in 2018.

The film is now being produced in the UK and Ireland.

What was your favorite part of the process?

We love the editing.

The dogs were actually shot in a single day and were all shot by the same crew.

They also had a lot more interaction than what was filmed, so that was a really cool part of it.

What was a little bit of a challenge for us was that we had to find a good location, so we had an old house and a few old pieces of furniture, which were all set up so that Jimball would know where he could go and go to.

How did you go about finding the perfect location for Jimball?

We went through the streets of L.A. to find some of the best spots in the city.

We had to walk around in the streets with Jimball, but also in front of other dogs to make sure he would have an idea of where to go.

We found a really good old house with an old wooden plank fence, which was a great spot for him to know where to start.

How was it to shoot in London?

We shot in London for about two months and we shot Jimball in the back yard of a house, which is about an hour from our location.

We shot the whole house in that space, which really helped us find Jimball a place to go and also made it feel like the real thing.

Did you learn any new tricks from filming in L.O.?

We learned a lot from the dog and how to communicate with Jimbal, so the most difficult part was to get Jimbal to understand the signals we were sending.

We learned that Jimbal has been trained to walk on the front of the house so that we could use his scent to find him, so it was really challenging to get him to understand where we were.

When we did the film in L

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