The farm and the maple leaf farm – the maplays story

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Posted June 29, 2019 07:00:00Farmers and maplayers across Australia are set to meet for a second day of discussions at a conference in Canberra to discuss the future of farming in the country.

Key points:A number of farms in the northern Queensland region have been shut for years as they’ve not been able to generate sufficient water to survive.

Farmers are frustrated with the lack of funding, with some citing lack of land and water resources as a factorThe Government has promised $100 million in support for farmers who can’t find waterSource: AAPFarmers across Australia face a range of challenges from water scarcity to climate change and climate change impacts on their livelihoods.

At the weekend, the Rural Farmers Federation of Queensland released a statement outlining its “core priorities” as the Government announces more funding for farmers.

Key issues that farmers are looking to address include:”We’re all concerned about the drought in Queensland, and it’s a big problem for our farmers, but also we’re concerned about climate change, particularly because we’re experiencing a very hot and dry summer,” John Brown, chief executive of the Rural Federation, told ABC Breakfast.

“So there’s lots of challenges that we have to face, but we are really hopeful that this meeting will make a big difference in the next couple of weeks.”

It comes after several months of meetings that saw farmers meet with officials in Canberra, the Northern Territory and Tasmania to discuss ways of addressing water and climate issues, particularly in the Northern Maroochydore and Northern Rivers regions.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in those areas, and there’s a bit of a backlog of land management that needs doing,” Mr Brown said.

“The fact that we can’t have the same water and water management for all of those regions is going to make a huge difference.”

Mr Brown said there are also some areas in the region that were previously water-stressed and are now water-secure.

“But they’ve also got the ability to produce a lot more water than they were before,” he said.

The Government says it has committed $100m to farmers in drought-stricken areas to help ensure their operations are sustainable.

But there are many concerns about the future viability of the agriculture industry in Australia.

“We don’t have a lot in terms of our water infrastructure and the fact that there’s no infrastructure that we’re actually building up, and the infrastructure that is there is not sustainable,” Mr Davis said.

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