Blueberries & Veggies

This week all the young blueberry bushes were given a dose of cottonseed meal to encourage foliage growth and all the tiny berries were picked from them to encourage root growth. These plants were just set out in February so plant growth this year is much more important then fruit set. We also put down a fresh, thick layer of pine straw mulch along the rows to help prevent the young plants from drying out this summer. These plants are good for now but will need another dose of cottonseed meal and more mulch in September. The older blueberry plants (three years now) received a good dose of cottonseed meal back in March and are growing beautifully, each one is loaded with juicy berries. These plants will be given more cottonseed meal and fresh mulch in September, too.

We were very late transplanting our Cucurbits to the field due to weather, but now they are growing beautifully. The squash and cucumbers will be ready for picking soon. There are tiny butternut squash everywhere. Pumpkin and honeydew vine are running and full of blooms. The first zucchini bloom was seen yesterday. Watermelons are coming along too. The garden plot these vegetables are planted in was set up a few years back and seems to be completely weed free, we just reach down and pull out a wad of grass every now and again. Love it!

Our beans and corn plot was tilled yesterday. Beans are beginning to bloom and Rattlesnakes are running. Look like the green beans are going to be plentiful. The corn got a good dose of cottonseed  meal week before last and is green and growing. We are truly blessed.

The tomato plot resembles a jungle. The plants have grown together to make what appears to be one very large, humungous tomato plant. The cane pole stakes are holding them well but the plants are tall and still spreading out! There should be plenty of maters because those plants are hanging full, and I mean full! The sweet bell peppers are blooming and setting fruit, too.

So far we haven’t had a problem with pests. I saw aphids on one tomato plant but also saw plenty of beneficial insects like ladybugs, ants, and assassin beetles to take care of them so no problems there. We saw Japanese beetles a few weeks back but now there is none. These beetles only took a couple of bites here and there so no damage was done. The fence is keeping out dogs and other critters. So all is well.

Hope all is well in your garden. HAPPY GROWING!