NSW Government ‘stuck with $7.9bn wind farm payment’ despite wind farm coming on stream

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The NSW Government is stumped by a payment it was promised last week by the state’s renewable energy authority to help cover the cost of its wind farm.

Key points: The state Government will pay for a new $5.5 billion wind farm to help offset the cost to consumers of wind farms across the state “in the first half of the next financial year” and in the second half “with the intention of getting the rest of the payments out of the way by the end of the financial year”, according to a statement by the Minister for Finance, Josh Frydenberg.

But after the wind farm came on stream, the Department of Energy and Resources (DERR) has said it is “currently stuck with a $7 billion wind energy payment”.

The Government has been asked to pay for the $5 billion project, known as the Northern Wind Farm, by March.

However, the payment was due to be made to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), a subsidiary of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

But the Federal Government has said that it has a policy of “non-applicability” and the Government has “no intention of approving this proposal”.”DERR has been given the green light to commence construction on this project, with the aim of completing the project by the early 2020s,” the statement from Mr Frydenheim said.”DERr will ensure the wind energy sector has access to the financial support they need to make a successful transition to a 100 per cent renewable energy economy.””DERA has been working closely with ARENA to ensure that the payment is paid and delivered to the appropriate recipient.”

Mr Frydenheimer said the Government was “concerned” about the lack of clarity about the Government’s intentions and “does not want to jeopardise the transition to the 100 per% renewable energy environment”.

“We have been given a clear mandate from the Australian Government to make this transition to 100 per [percent renewable energy] by 2020,” he said.’

Not a fair fight’Wind farm owner has warned of ‘fair fight’With a deal for the Northern Farm in the works, Mr Fryenheimer said he was “very disappointed” the State Government did not offer him an “open, transparent and transparently fair” way to deal with the problem.

“This is not a fair battle,” Mr Frydeh said.

Mr Frydehn said the state Government was going to “fight tooth and nail” to ensure the Northern farm was built and “rebuilt”.

“This wind farm is not going to build any wind farms in the region,” he told ABC News.

“It will only create jobs for the people that have jobs in the wind industry.”

“This will have a significant impact on our rural economy and on the viability of our agricultural sector,” he added.’

Need for certainty’In response to Mr Fryedenheim’s statement, the state Minister for Energy and Infrastructure, Peter Whish-Wilson, said the State had “a responsibility to ensure it gets the money that it needs”.

“I can assure you that we are committed to ensuring the financial viability of this project,” he wrote in a letter to the ABC.

“The State Government will make sure that it gets what it needs from ARENA.”

“We will continue to work closely with AERA, and we will be providing any additional assistance that AERO needs to facilitate the delivery of this new project,” Mr Whish Wilson added.

Mr WhishWilson said that the government was “working with the ARENA and the renewable energy sector on the financing of the Northern Energy Gateway”.

“As we’ve said previously, we’re in this to make sure the Northern Gateway is completed as quickly as possible.”

The Northern Gateway was the first wind farm in Australia to be built by the Federal government.

The project was originally expected to cost $8 billion.

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