How to start your own dairy farm from scratch

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New Delhi: Farmers from India are coming up with new dairy products with their own names.

The name “Cox Farm” is being used in the name of a new dairy farm that is set to be opened on a 1.3-acre plot in a village in Rajasthan’s Bawana district, where farmers say they have been looking for space for two years.

This is the first time a dairy farm has been called “Coot” in a state.

The idea behind the name “Bawana Farm” has also been inspired by the location.

“I have been researching the dairy industry for a while and decided to come up with a name that has a connection with the region and the culture of Bawanas,” said Gyanendra Sood, who is the managing director of Cox Farm.

The farm will have a 100-litre capacity, a 5,000-hectare plot of land, three dairy goats and two cows.

The cows will graze in the village, and the goats will gralyad in the adjacent hills, said Sood.

Sood said the name comes from the local Bawans who used to live in the region.

He said he hopes that the name will attract tourists and help the farmers in their business.

Seddique Khan, a farmer who owns a dairy in the same area, has been working on a dairy-farming plan for years, said Khan.

Khan is also planning to establish a new village, which is planned to have a 1,500-hecare plot and be a part of the Bawan Valley.

He is planning to open the first dairy farm this year, he said.

The concept for the farm came from the farm owner’s idea that he has a small plot and a big farm.

He decided to start the farm because of the drought conditions and the difficulty of farming, said the farmer, who was not named.

He had to go to a land agent to get the land to rent.

But the agent suggested that the land was too big for a dairy farmer.

“We have decided to take this venture because we want to bring the dairy business to a large scale and not only a small one.

Our goal is to have the first one in 2021,” he said, adding that he is already working with an agency to set up a milk processing plant and to expand the operations.

Siddique Khan said that he wanted to start a dairy farming business because of drought conditions in the state.

(Representational image)The farmer is working on the plan to sell the farm to a bank to raise funds.

“I am working on my first farm.

We have to go through various stages of getting the farm ready for the bank to take over,” Khan said.

Seedling farming is the process of raising seeds and planting them at a site.

There are around 400-500 seed farms in India.

The country has around 5,200 seed farmers, with about 6,000 producing milk, according to the Indian Association of Seed Industries.

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