How to prevent worm farms from opening up in Canada

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A Canadian man has been arrested for allegedly running a worm farm out of his home in Quebec.​According to police, Robert Houser, 51, is alleged to have hired the services of three people to run a worm-infested worm farm, which he claimed was a hobby.

He was also alleged to be running a number of other farms, and even selling drugs.​Houser is also alleged, though not confirmed, to have been running an underground farm.

According to police he is the owner of the worm farm located in Saint-Jacques, Que.

In order to run the farm, he allegedly rented a shed in Saint Jacques to store his equipment, and installed two underground tanks.

The first one was for storing his produce, while the second was for holding water for the worm-farm.

The farm was allegedly open until about mid-August, when it was closed to visitors due to an increase in the number of visitors, and the lack of water supply.

Housers defence attorney, Robert Koppel, said that the investigation was ongoing, and that Housers actions were innocent and justified.

“He’s a normal guy.

He’s a guy who doesn’t want to be a criminal,” Koppell said.​”The fact that he was in possession of a weapon and was in violation of the laws of Canada is not what made this whole thing happen.”

According to Quebec’s Public Security Minister, Jean-Christophe Cambron, the province is investigating the incident and that police will take any action necessary.​Police said that in a statement, the Ministry of Public Safety “is aware of the allegations of a serious breach of the Criminal Code, the Criminal Codes Act, the Health Act, and regulations.”

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