How to make sure you can keep your home insurance company alive

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You’ve probably seen the sign: The sign at the bottom of the home insurance cover letter that tells you your insurance company has been terminated.

And it’s all too easy to be left with a negative experience in the form of a “fraudulent” claim, or worse, a loss.

If your insurance coverage is still on file, you can try contacting your insurance carrier directly.

Here are five ways to stay safe: Know the rules Before you begin contacting your insurer, check the rules on how long it takes for your claim to be processed and whether the company has the resources to handle it.

This can give you a better idea of what you can expect, says Tom McQuillan, senior vice president of product at home insurance broker Navistar.

You can also look at your policyholder directory for any changes.

“In some cases, if your policyholders file a claim within a certain period, they may have already paid off their claims and they may not be able to get access to those claims,” McQuellan says.

“So, if they’ve filed a claim, they’re in good standing.

And that makes it easier for us to find the claim.”

Check your coverage If you’re not sure how your insurance policyholder file a policy claim, check your policy’s terms and conditions and the policyholder’s contact information, McQullan says, including the claim number.

“If you have a question, you should contact your insurer and they will be able tell you what your options are,” he says.

If you want to change your policy or file a new claim, it’s also worth noting any terms and policies that are in effect at the time of your policy change, McQULLAN says.

Find out how to change a policy and file a claims with your insurer.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, McVey says it’s a good idea to contact your policy issuer to discuss options.

“This may be the first step to finding out if your claims are being processed and that they’re receiving the necessary resources,” he adds.

“We also recommend contacting your policy holder to check on the status of the claims processing.”

The insurance industry does not always provide an online form that you can use to contact the insurer.

“You can go online and look at the policies that they have in effect,” McVsey says.

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