How to make money on alstede farming

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Farmers from Dalton farms are being targeted by credit agencies to pay for products they don’t produce, according to an investigation by ABC News.

The farms were given loans to buy alsteed, which can be used for other purposes, such as as beef feed or to sell on the black market.

They were told they could use the money for their own farming and their farm would grow and supply food for the community.

One of the farms was told the loan would pay for alsteeds for two years, but after a few months it was axed.

In February, another farm was told they were entitled to the loans for two more years and they would pay $15,000 a year for two decades, according an ABC News investigation.

It’s believed more than 40 farms are involved in the scheme.

Many have been struggling financially.

A statement from Dalston Farms said it is not the responsibility of the farm to pay back the loans, which they have repaid in full.

“As a result of the debt, it is the farm’s responsibility to repay all or part of the principal amount,” the statement said.

Alstede farmers are told the loans can be paid back if they get enough money from their farms to repay the loans.

‘Not just a financial disaster’A spokesperson for the Farm Credit and Development Association of Australia said the loans were given to farms for agricultural use and not as investment.

“It’s a loan that can be repaid in one of two ways: the borrower pays back their loan, or the borrower sells the farm or reopens the farm,” the spokesperson said.

“If the borrower or the farmer wants to sell the farm, they have to sell it for a profit.”

The spokesman said alsteded farmers were told to sell their farms and re-open if they had enough cash to pay off the loans and pay back their loans.

“In the case of a borrower who has not made a profit, the farmer would have to go back to the bank to recoup the loan and pay off all or most of the loan amount,” he said.

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