How to make a coastal farm for the holidays

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A holiday cottage is a great way to use up unused resources in your own backyard.

However, there’s no denying the many times we have found ourselves wanting to use them for other purposes, such as cooking or landscaping.

So, how do you get the best out of your backyard farm? 

With a few simple guidelines, you can take your cottage back to a more natural state, making it a wonderful place to raise birds, build your own garden and even raise cattle. 

Cottage rules for 2018/2019 1. 

Birds and wildlife must be kept away from all other wildlife and animals. 


Birds must be removed from the garden area to a clear area for them to be released. 


No vehicles are allowed into the garden. 


The garden must be cleared of vegetation, leaves and rubbish. 


The property must be closed for a period of 30 days and visitors must be notified in writing. 


The land must be ploughed daily, and the first cut must be made at 7am the next day. 


The owner must keep a record of each cut. 


All cuts must be carried out within the 30-day period. 


The cuts must not be repeated. 


Birds that have been kept away for more than two years must be returned to the garden to be returned for a second cut. 

  How to use your coastal farmThe first rule of course is that birds should not be kept in the garden, or in your house or garden.

The best time to do so is when you are away from home. 

It is also very important that the birds do not become stressed by the conditions.

Birds should not get stuck in the soil or in the cracks of the ground.

If you cannot see the birds, they must be released to the surrounding areas. 

The second rule is that you must keep all your cuts within the prescribed time.

This is so that they do not run out of resources or get too crowded. 

Finally, it is important to have your birds in a natural, clean and neat environment.

A nice, well-maintained garden can be a great place to bring your birds and give them the chance to grow and flourish. 

What you will need for a coastal cottage 1) Boots. 

These can be bought from garden centres, or bought online. 

They are suitable for most bird species and will also work with some reptiles. 

A pair of white boots or a pair of blue ones is ideal. 

You can also buy a small garden garden boots with a clear sole for birds. 

In addition to the boots, you will also need a netting to keep your birds out of the garden and keep them from eating the vegetation in the landscape. 

Find out more about garden gardening 2) Plant pots and pots for the birds.

A garden pot will help to keep them out of trouble when the bird is released.

You can buy a variety of plant pots online, such, lettuce pots, lettuce sticks, herbs, flowers, fruit, etc.  If you are using a garden pot, be sure to also buy water bowls for your birds.

This will ensure they get enough water to eat. 

This is essential for them growing well. 

There are also plants to grow on top of the pots, such a lily pad, cactus and more. 

If it is winter, a nice, large, tall, open pot with a little shade can be the best place to plant the birds in. 

For more ideas on how to get the birds to do their own things, see our How can I make my coastal farm more natural?


How do you keep your cottage healthy? 

1 The best way to maintain a garden in the winter is to keep a small window open for birds to fly around and for the garden plants to keep the birds happy. 

Plants are also an important part of this.

Plant seeds in your garden, and use them to keep any plants you do have. 

Try to keep birds away from the flowers, as they will eat the flowers. 

Make sure to keep all the plants and shrubs clean of pests, including aphids, caterpillars, flies, spiders and any other insects. 

Get your garden soil ready for planting. 

Start by fertilising with a good quality soil.

It should be a mix of peat moss and clays, with a mix suitable for your location. 

Then, fill the soil with a small amount of lime or baking soda. 

Do this by placing a bit of it in a bucket, and filling the bucket with soil. 

Fill the bucket up to the top with soil, and then fill the bottom half up with peat. 

When the peat has dried and is soft, you may need to fill the bucket again. Keep

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