How to keep a farm truck parked at home and still have your game on

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The state of Iowa has a farm-to-market event scheduled for Sunday, September 22, but a recent lawsuit has raised some questions about how the event will be managed and whether it will violate Iowa’s animal-welfare law.

The lawsuit filed by the Iowa Farm Bureau, an animal advocacy group, claims the event is a violation of Iowa’s Animal Welfare Act, which states that “no farm or ranch shall be maintained or operated with animals on or in any of its premises.”

The law was enacted in 1976 to address farm animal abuse, but it’s become a topic of national debate as more and more states and municipalities have implemented animal-rights laws.

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has called the state’s new law “one of the worst” he has seen in his 26 years in office, and he has since filed suit to force the event to cease operations.

In its lawsuit, the IowaFarmBureau claims that the event “will be attended by people who do not have the necessary training or supervision to safely care for and control farm animals” and will have “no regard for the welfare of animals in Iowa.”

The lawsuit also claims that there will be no veterinary care for farm animals at the event, and that the Farm Bureau has failed to provide adequate veterinary care to the animals at issue.

“The Farm Bureau is attempting to use its position to intimidate and coerce individuals into agreeing to participate in an event that would expose the public to the farm animal-abuse epidemic,” the lawsuit reads.

“Farmers and ranchers are being forced to spend valuable time and money to attend this event without having any veterinary care, and with no veterinary training.”

The Iowa Farm Bureaus lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

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