How to help the body farm remembers big, small, old

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A few days after the death of his father, Eric Johnson Jr., Eric Johnson Sr. left behind a body farm in a small farming town near the Texas border.

The body farm was just one of several he operated, and it was a home to his mother, Nancy, and their three children, Kourtney, 18, Kameron, 17, and Landon, 12.

“There was so much that he loved, so much he didn’t know he loved,” Nancy Johnson said.

“He was such a good dad.

He was a very loving person.

He really cared for everyone.

He made everyone feel comfortable, but also made everyone laugh.

We’re all so lucky he lived long enough to know how much he was loved.”

A couple of months before his death, Johnson Sr., a former Marine, had gotten into a fight with another Marine and was killed in a shootout.

“I remember thinking, this guy, this Marine, what are you going to do?”

Nancy Johnson recalled.

“That was the moment I started crying.”

Nancy Johnson was a single mother to the three children and worked two jobs to support them.

She said that during the time that her father was caring for the body, the family went through years of economic hardship.

“They didn’t have much money,” she said.

For the last five years, the Johnson family has relied on the farm, which is owned by the Johnson Family Farm in rural Louisiana, to help pay for funeral expenses and other family needs.

“My husband’s family can’t feed the farm.

They have no way to get food.

So, we just have to do what we can to help our family,” Nancy said.

Nancy and Kourtry Johnson have been raising the three sons on the land for the last year.

But after learning that the family had died, Nancy and the rest of the family began a petition drive to help get the farm up and running again.

“It was so hard to get the petition out.

But I just felt like we had to do something,” Nancy told CNN affiliate WAFB.

“Because we don’t have a whole lot, and this is just a small piece of what we have.

I just wanted to show people that it wasn’t just a place for me to raise the boys.

It’s a place that they can call home.”

The petition gathered nearly 10,000 signatures.

A few weeks later, the farm received a grant from the nonprofit farmworker coalition that manages the land.

Nancy Johnson is now running a crowdfunding campaign to get funds for the farm to reopen.

“We just got a letter from the National Labor Relations Board saying that they’ve agreed to help us.

So we’ve just got to get this going,” Nancy added.

The Johnson family hopes to reopen the farm by March of 2021.

Nancy said that with the help of the public, she hopes the farm will be able to provide jobs for the men who were killed.

“This is not just a job.

It will give them a better life.

It’ll give them an opportunity to earn a living and provide for their families.

It won’t just be a job, it’ll be a good job,” Nancy explained.

“So I think this is really the only way we can show the world that we’re not alone.

It could be the last place you’re going to see your children and your family.”

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