How to grow a hemp farm in just a few weeks

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If you’re a budding farmer looking to start your own industrial hemp farm, you’ll want to get the right tools to get started.

Read More on your hands, so we’ve rounded up the most essential tools you need to start a commercial hemp farm.

Here’s what you’ll need.1.

A Seedling Farm 2.

A Hauler 3.

A Tank 4.

A Barge 5.

A Drone 6.

A Power Source7.

A Grow Light8.

A Sprayer9.

A Water Pump10.

A Propane Tank11.

A Feeder12.

A Saw13.

A Spray Can14.

A CNC Machine15.

A Pest Control Machine16.

A Vacuum Can17.

A Heat Pump18.

A Gas Can19.

A Lighter20.

A Duct Tape21.

A Glass Container22.

A Silicone Cushion23.

A Moulding Jar24.

A Pot Hanger25.

A Sink26.

A Pressure Cooker27.

A Thermometer28.

A Microwave (not included)29.

A Drill (not Included)30.

A Brush with Oil31.

A Bottle of Hydrogen peroxide32.

A Bucket of Hormone33.

A Pet Food Can34.

A Can of Cat food35.

A Box of Fish Meal36.

A Container of Chicken Soup37.

A Food Can for your pets38.

A Coffee Can39.

A Small Box of Soybean Oil40.

A Plastic Pail41.

A Cleaning Detergent42.

A Dryer43.

A Hair Dryer44.

A Hand Brush45.

A Comb of Bleach and Sulfur Spray46.

A Sandpaper47.

A Toothbrush48.

A Cloth Cleaner49.

A Razor50.

A Wet Bag51.

A Waxing Brush52.

A Pen and Paper53.

A Mix of Vaseline and Aloe58.

A Microfiber Towel59.

A Soap50.

An Antiperspirant spray60.

A Leather Wallet61.

A Travel Bag62.

A Sturdy Shoelace63.

A Hardcover Manual64.

A Manual on Home Improvement65.

A Guide to Using Your Pet’s Bedroom Vacuum Cleaner66.

A DIY Home Improvement Guide69.

A Homemade Hair Dryers 70.

A Home Improvement Manual71.

A Household Supplies Guide72.

A Tool Kit for DIYers73.

A Book of DIY Supplies74.

A Needle and Thread Set for a Needle & Thread Maker75.

A Paper Towel Set76.

A Bag of Woodworking Tools77.

A Paint Brush 78.

A Painting Brush 79.

A Carpet Cleaner80.

A Kitchen Set81.

A Portable Vacuum cleaner82.

A Towel Brush83.

A Woodworking Knife84.

A Fabricating Knife85.

A Scissors86.

A Cutting Board87.

A Hammer 88.

A Tissue Bag89.

A Rubbermaid Locker90.

A Spatula91.

A Sewing Machine92.

A Screwdriver93.

A Wire Brush94.

A Tubing Brush95.

A Knife Pouch96.

A Thread Protector97.

A Cable Tie98.

A Nail Polish/Hair Spray 99.

A Sheet of Metal Coatings100.

A Wooden Saw 101.

A Set of Screwdrivers102.

A Metal Screwdriver103.

A Electric Drill 104.

A Pipe Plumber105.

A Tape Measure 106.

A Glue Gun 107.

A Felt Pen 108.

A Magnetic Tape 109.

A Gauge 110.

A Blender 111.

A String Knife112.

A Hot Glue113.

A Flat Head Screwdriver114.

A Torque Driver115.

A Ziplock Bag 116.

A Safety Pouch117.

A Candle118.

A Cup Holder119.

A Fire Starter120.

A Window Sash121.

A Tube of Wood Sticks122.

A Washing Machine123.

A Wheel of Tissue124.

A Bandana125.

A Guitar Pick 126.

A Plumber’s Tape127.

A Bungee Cord128.

A Shoe Flange129.

A Dishwasher130.

A Windshield Shield131.

A Wall Mounting Block 132.

A Mirror 133.

A Lightbulb 134.

A Magnet Booster135.

A Lamp136.

A Phone Booth 137.

A Lockbox138.

A Clock139.

A Radio/TV Stand140.

A Fan 141.

A Barometer142.

A Camera143.

A Swimmer 144.

A Wireless Speaker145.

A Computer with Microphone146.

A Cell Phone147.

A Bluetooth Adapter148.

A WiFi Access Point149.

A TV Remote150.

A Video Camera151.

A CD/DVD Disc2.

A Hemp Farming Toolkit3.

A Super Soaker4.

A Freezer5.

A Cookbook6.

A Hydroponic Growing Kit7.

Tools for a Commercial Hemp

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