How to get your farm in your backyard

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The first thing you’ll need to do when opening a pumpkin patch is find a pumpkin.

It can be pretty hard to find a good pumpkin on the market, so I decided to go with one that was in good shape.

The next step is to cut it up.

There are many pumpkin patches around the world, but the most popular ones are located in the tropics.

I picked up a couple that had been sitting in the barn for decades.

I then cut them into strips, which I stored in a bag.

I cut a large chunk of the pumpkin, as long as the pumpkin is about 3 feet long.

I also sliced it up into pieces, as you can see in the video above.

This piece was about 3 inches long.

This is what the pumpkin looks like after being cut up.

The rest of the strip is left to dry.

The best part about using a pumpkin is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on it.

I found a cheap plastic pumpkins that I could use, and then cut it in half.

I wrapped it in plastic and left it in the fridge overnight.

I started with the top half, which was the widest piece, and cut the pumpkin down to the bottom.

I trimmed it down with a razor blade, but it was all the same.

I removed all of the white bits, then used a small toothpick to pull the white strips away from the pumpkin.

I placed a plastic bag over the piece, leaving it on the floor.

I rolled the piece up into a tight ball and placed it in a freezer bag.

After the bag was full of plastic, I cut it into strips.

This pumpkin is one of the largest that I cut, and the two pieces are about the same size.

It was a lot easier to cut the two smaller pieces down to size.

Next, I pulled a thin strip of the bottom of the plastic pumpkin.

This was where I wanted to cut off the pumpkin’s head.

I used a knife to carefully cut the head from the bottom, then carefully trimmed away all the excess.

I was able to cut this piece into two halves, one with the head cut off, and one with no head at all.

This cut was about 1 inch long.

Next up, I used the same knife I used to cut away the bottom piece of the pumpkins pumpkin, and removed all the white.

I peeled the top off of the other half, and peeled the bottom and middle strips back off.

I put the two halves together, and I used my circular saw to carefully slice the sides off.

This section is about the size of a baseball bat, so it’s easy to cut out the heads.

I took a sharp knife, and sliced the top piece of pumpkin with the blade on the bottom side, and placed the top and bottom halves together.

I did this piece in two halves to get a better look at the head.

Next was to cut a smaller piece of head off of each of the smaller pieces.

I sliced the pumpkin into smaller pieces, about 1/4 inch wide, and roughly 3/4 inches long, using a knife.

I ended up with about four pieces of pumpkin, which fit nicely inside of my freezer bag, so they weren’t getting in the way.

After these were cut, I removed the head pieces from each pumpkin, making sure they were all in the same place.

I left the head in place until it was time to place the two pumpkin halves in their respective containers.

I opened the container, and took a bite out of each piece of fresh pumpkin.

You can see how it’s all covered in a thin layer of pumpkin pie filling.

This meant that I didn’t need any other fancy pie filling, since the pumpkin was all fresh and untouched.

It tasted great, and was a huge hit with everyone in the family. 

You can make a delicious pumpkin pie, too!

You can also make a variety of pumpkin treats for the guests to enjoy, such as a pumpkin soup, homemade pies, or pumpkin muffins.

I chose to make a pumpkin pie with pumpkin jam, and added a sprinkling of cranberries to the pie. 

If you are interested in learning more about growing and raising your own pumpkin, I suggest you check out this post on Growing and Raising Your Own Pumpkin.

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