How to farm fish in a backyard in Texas

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DALLAS — It may be hard to believe, but a backyard is also the perfect place to farm wild salmon.

In this case, a farm in the heart of Texas’ far northern border is making salmon more popular than ever.

In recent years, the Dallas area has been hit by a wave of natural disasters, such as the Texas-Mexico border flood of 2014, and the state is now reeling from a severe drought.

But that drought is over.

As the drought eased, wild salmon populations have been booming.

In response, a company called Fish Farms began selling wild salmon to restaurants and grocery stores.

They’re not just selling canned fish.

They are selling the whole fish, from head to tail, and selling it at wholesale prices.

Fish Farms says they’re also bringing back some of the salmon that have been frozen for the last few years.

The wild salmon are harvested in large plastic containers that are kept in a refrigerator.

The fish are fed pellets, which are fed into a system that turns a tiny bit of meat into a meal that can be eaten by humans or animals.

This allows the salmon to live longer.

In Texas, the industry has grown exponentially.

There are now more than 500,000 wild salmon farms in the United States, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The vast majority of those farms are concentrated in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, which is home to about 90 percent of the state’s fish farms, according the Texas Department of Agriculture.

But the state of Texas also has large areas of undeveloped land in other parts of the country that are home to some of those wild salmon farming operations.

The Texas Department for Natural Resources says there are currently about 100,000 fish farms in Texas.

Most of those fish farms are owned by a few corporations.

And it’s a business that’s growing at a rapid pace.

About 40 percent of Texas is currently managed by private corporations, according data from the Texas Association of Food Producers.

These companies are the ones who harvest, pack and transport fish and sell the fish directly to restaurants.

But while the number of fish farms is growing, so is the demand for them.

In the last several years, Texas has become a popular destination for seafood imports, particularly from Japan.

According to the Center for International Economic Studies, the country is now importing more than 40 percent more fish from Asia than it was in 2009.

That has helped drive demand for wild salmon, which has become one of the top priorities for restaurants.

Many restaurants in Texas have started to sell wild salmon as an alternative to canned fish in order to save money and increase revenue.

But there are still many restrictions on what can be sold.

Some restaurants may only allow wild salmon in certain areas.

Others are not allowed to sell any wild salmon at all.

“We don’t want to lose the fish for something that has no market value,” said Tom Wren, the owner of The Wild Salmon Market in Fort Worth.

Wren is one of several restaurants that’s starting to see an uptick in wild salmon sales, along with other seafood vendors who sell the product for a profit.

The fish markets have been popular destinations for many people in the city, and even those who aren’t fishing are visiting them to sample the product.

In the past, many customers were hesitant to purchase wild salmon because of the regulations, but they are seeing a boom in demand.

Wren says that the popularity has also helped him raise more money for his restaurant, and is now able to sell more of the fish he grows.

Some of the wild salmon that are sold at Fish Farms are sold for as little as $1.50 a pound.

But Wren said it is hard to predict what customers will pay for the fish.

He said he’s had some customers pay more than $100 a pound for a whole head.

He said the demand is growing in response to a lot of people wanting to eat wild salmon and not just eat canned.

Weren’t expecting to sell so many fish, Wren added.

He has had people come in with just the head and not really know what to expect.

The market has expanded over the last couple of years, and now there are about 30 fish farms on the site, he said.

But he said he thinks demand is going to keep growing.

“I think that the demand will be just like last year,” Wren explained.

“The price will go up, but we’re still going to be able to grow.”

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