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Frazier Farms, the family-owned farm and art gallery in the town of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is an unlikely home base for a growing crop of cartoonists.

A decade ago, Frazer’s father, John, ran a small art gallery.

“We had a lot of fun with it, and we were a bit of an artsy family,” says owner and director Bill Frazie.

“But then we were told, ‘It’s not going to work here.

It’s not the right kind of place for you to draw pictures.'”

So they opened their first gallery, a little gallery in a back alley.

“And we had all these pictures of cows and chickens and stuff.

And the only thing that we could do was draw animals,” says Frazee.

“The first picture we drew was a horse, and then we started drawing other animals.

And then we took a picture of a cat, and a cat was the first animal we did.

Then we had an owl, and it was a baby owl.

And so on.”

Over time, Fazier’s family expanded their gallery to include the family farm, a large cattle and poultry operation and the Frazers’ other businesses.

Today, the Friesons own Frazery Art Gallery, which features hundreds of thousands of paintings and drawings, as well as a full-time cartoonist.

“They’ve been really lucky,” says Mike Frazaire, the museum’s curator.

“Every day we have about 30 people come in to get the picture, and there are so many pictures that come in, and so many people come here to see it.

It really does create an incredible environment.”

The Frieses say they’ve seen a lot more than they bargained for in recent years.

“It has changed so much in the last few years,” Fraze says.

“There is a big push for art that has a lot to do with animals and plants, and animals and animals.

So now we’ve had to take that more seriously.”

This is what the Fryers see in their art.

“This is a really unique place, and they’ve taken it very seriously,” says John Frazile.

“In a way, that’s the whole point.

They took it very, very seriously.

The family’s not selling their paintings or any of that stuff.

They’re doing it because they believe in it, but they’re also just like everybody else who sees it.”

Fraziers say the show is an educational experience, but not just for children.

“Kids have never been exposed to this kind of work before,” says Bill Fazie.

And while the show has a focus on animals and nature, Fries says they’ve also created an art that’s more accessible.

“I think it’s really great for people to look at their art and see it in a different way,” he says.

The Frazies have been open for just over a year now, but there’s a growing demand for the show in the area.

Frazi’s been in Fayetteesville for a few months now, and he’s already received offers to return.

“All the people that came to see the show, they love it,” says Michael Frazing, the show’s curator, “and they like it here.

So we’re very excited to have it here, and hopefully we can continue to do it here.”

For the Frites, the experience of visiting Frazey’s Farm has been a wonderful way to get a better sense of the area and see the world.

“Our whole family has been really excited to be here,” says the Freszes.

“For me, it’s a lot like my childhood.

I’m really into nature, and that’s something that I grew up on.”

And, Bill Fries, the artist, is thrilled to be able to share the show with the Fritzes.

He’s planning to continue to work in, which will be a hub for Frazerie’s website, gallery and show.

Fries has been making the rounds at local events, like Frazian Fest, to tell his story and showcase the work he’s done.

“That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, is tell my story and to share my work, and to be an ambassador for the farm,” says Frank Fries.

“If it’s going to go on to become a farm, it has to be something that’s been here for generations, and I hope that will be the case.”

The family says it’s also looking forward to bringing more of the show to the Fricos’ home state of North Carolina.

“Frazie Farms has always been a great place to visit, because of all the things that we have here,” Fries said.

“People are drawn to nature and the animals, and this is just

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