How to create a fake coast-to-coast ‘animal farm’ with a few tricks

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An expert who has designed a fake coastal farm that is a tourist attraction in India has revealed how to create an indoor farm with fake animals.

The project, titled “Faux Coast-to, Coastal Farm” was designed to create the illusion of a coastal farm, with fake dogs, birds and pigs on the island of Chitrakoot, off the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

“The idea was to create this fictitious island where people could go and experience nature and see how it works,” said Sanjeev, a resident of Chittorgarh district in northern India, in a video posted on YouTube.

“When people visit the fake island, they will be shocked by the sheer beauty of the island.”

The fake island has been created using real animals and natural elements.

The project was inspired by a series of false sightings of people living on islands in the Bay area of Bengal, and was developed as part of the National Tourism Development Authority’s (NTDA) Coastal Conservation Program, which aims to promote tourism in coastal regions.

The fake “animal farm” is meant to appeal to tourists and tourists in the bay area, but also attracts local people.

The plan was developed after residents in Chitrikot complained about the constant sight of fake dogs and birds on the islands.

“These dogs are a real problem.

They are extremely territorial and they often chase people, especially when they go out to get a tan or for a haircut.

I think it is best to avoid them altogether,” said Chitrashree, who runs the fake beach.

In the video, SanjeeVasudev explains the process of creating the fake farm.

The mock-up of the fake animals, with their heads protruding, was created by using a laser cutter to cut a cardboard sheet, with a piece of cardboard hanging from the top, and then attached to the fake wall of the farm.

A sheet of paper was then placed over the fake animal, so that the fake birds would appear in the background.

“The fake animals were made in the same way as in real animals.

They have the same head and body, but the body parts are slightly different,” Sanjeevan said.

Sanjeev said the fake “dog” is an experiment to see how the real animals behave.

“To me, it was really a fun project,” he said.

“But it is also an educational tool.

The more we can teach people about the real life of animals, the more we will be able to save the environment,” Sanji said.

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