How India’s farmers are dying off in the name of a ‘green revolution’

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The country’s farmers, already facing pressure from rampant inflation and a slowdown in growth, are facing even more dire challenges as climate change threatens to put the country back on track to a bleak future.

Farmers and traders have already been complaining that their crops have failed to grow in recent years, with some showing signs of severe damage to their crop, crops and crops.

The situation is even more acute in some parts of the country where the situation is deteriorating fast due to the rising temperatures and droughts.

“We are experiencing crop failures and the crop is not growing at the rate that we had hoped,” said B.R. Saini, chief executive officer of the National Agricultural Cooperative Research Centre.

“This is a major problem that is not being taken seriously and will affect our crops for years to come.”

Farmers in the state of Uttar Pradesh are reporting that their crop is failing to produce the amount of seed they were hoping for, as the monsoon season begins soon.

“In the past few months, our yield has declined significantly due to drought,” said Sainu, who is also the director of the Centre for Food Security and Development (CFDS), a joint venture between the government and the National Farmers Union (NFU).

Saini said the government has been trying to encourage farmers to buy seeds and boost production by offering incentives for farmers to purchase seeds.

“The farmers have been encouraged to buy more seeds but the price has been artificially increased by the government,” he said.

In Uttar Pradesh, a drought in April 2016 forced farmers to go into debt and take loans from banks, which the government did not pay.

This led to a massive drop in crop production and the government’s inability to meet its debt obligations.

“Farmers are also facing extreme water stress and we are facing a drought,” Sainie said.

“Even if the drought is ended, we will not have sufficient funds to purchase seed.

We are also seeing a decline in crop yields.”

Sainie is worried that the current situation in Uttar Pradesh will worsen.

“There is a real possibility that the monsoons may not start in the next three months and this could cause serious problems for farmers,” he added.

Farm workers at a field in Jodhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Photo credit: AFPThis has led to farmers going into debt to pay off their debts and have begun to go back to debt.

“Our crops are not producing the amount that we were hoping,” Sainsi said.

Farmers have been forced to take loans and start to sell their crops for higher prices.

The farmers are also demanding that the government take measures to prevent a repeat of what happened in Uttar, which saw the loss of farm assets of up to ₹10 lakh crore ($1.2 billion) due to a drought that began in 2015.

“It has become a normal situation in our farmlands in the past three years,” said K.

Raja, who runs a small dairy farm in Uttar.

“For us, we have started selling our land and paying off debt, but the government is not providing us with funds to buy seed or water for the crop,” he explained.

Farm labourers at a fields in Gwalior.

Photo Credit: AFPIn Uttar, farmers are facing pressure to buy water and other essential commodities such as fertilisers, pesticides, seeds and machinery to meet their debt.

The government has yet to pay the farmers any loans for their crop and has not given them any relief.

“People are being asked to buy crops, but they are also being asked by the Centre to pay their debts,” said Naseem, a farm labourer in Gurgaon.

“When they do not pay, we start to ask them to buy other commodities like fertilisers or pesticides.”

Farm workers in Gajwara, Uttar.

Photo courtesy: AFPThe farmer’s plight is not limited to Uttar Pradesh alone.

In Gujarat, a similar situation is being seen with the drought-hit state of Gujarat, which has seen farmers go into default on their debts due to lack of funds from the government.

“They are now facing serious debt in the form of loans from the Centre.

The problem is that there are many farmers who are going into default,” said Rajendra Singh, a member of the Central Agricultural Development Board (CADB), the agency tasked with farming.

“As a result of the drought, there are some farmers who have taken loans from non-government organizations and banks, and some of these loans have been converted into farm loans,” Singh added.

In 2017, farmers in Gujarat went into default due to inadequate cash flow.

“Some farmers are now having to take out loans from private companies to pay for their crops.

This has led the farmers to default on the loans,” said Rakesh, who works for a farm in Gujarat.

“Many farmers are unable to pay even for seeds that they bought for their own crops.”As the

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