House votes to approve BATES MINE farm gate legislation

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The House voted Wednesday to approve the BATESMINE farm gates bill, a farm-gate bill that was first introduced by House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX).

The bill will now go to the Senate, where its prospects are less certain.

The House voted to approve a farm gates law Thursday that would require farm gates to be built in a certain area, with one exception: The bill’s main provisions prohibit construction of farm gates in rural areas.

However, there were concerns among many rural residents that the bill, which has been supported by farm groups, could restrict access to a range of lands, including farmland, for cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses.

The bill, known as the BatesMines Farm Gate Act, passed the Agriculture Committee on a voice vote last week.

The farm gates measure passed the House by a vote of 227-213 on Wednesday, and was approved by the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee by a voice count of 219-213.

The legislation is aimed at helping improve access to agricultural lands for the millions of people who live in the nation’s rural areas, as well as addressing other issues.

The Bates Mines Farm Gates Act requires farmers to secure land that is at least two miles (3.2 kilometers) away from any other farm and requires them to have access to an access road that connects the property to an adjoining farm, where cattle can graze, and to fencing that protects the property from animals.

It also prohibits farm gates that require farmers to make special arrangements for animals, such as having a separate enclosure for dogs or horses, and requires the use of barriers or barriers-based fencing.

The provision that prohibits construction of fence-based gates on public land was introduced in a previous farm-gates bill.

It has been passed by other committees in the past, and has been signed into law by President Donald Trump.

The vote was a victory for the B.B. King Farm Gates Coalition, which pushed the legislation.

“We’re ecstatic to see the House vote to approve this farm gate measure and we look forward to working with our colleagues in the Senate to move this bill forward,” said Bob King, president of the Bate King Farm Gates Coalition.

“The farm gate act is good for rural America, good for our industry and good for the environment.”

The legislation has been a top priority for President Donald J. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R, WI).

The farm-Gate bill would require farmers in areas where access to public lands is limited to the rural portions of the state to secure all of the land they own in those areas.

The Trump administration is in the process of signing the bill into law, and is expected to issue a final rule by the end of the year, and the farm-Gates bill will likely become law within the first few weeks of the new administration.

The measure will allow farmers to construct new fence-like barriers on public lands to protect livestock and property, but critics have said it could be a major obstacle to developing other lands in the future.

The National Association of Realtors, a trade association representing the nations largest real estate developers, said it is opposed to the legislation, and believes it could impact the country’s agricultural sector.

“While the bill allows for fencing to be installed on farm land, it does not allow for access to the farm, including to the BATE Gates Farm Gate Area, for public use,” NAR said in a statement.

“Additionally, this bill does not address issues like land-use planning, public access, land stewardship, and other critical issues for the nation.”

In the past few years, the farm gate bill has been used by some Republican lawmakers to expand access to privately owned land, including land owned by some of the wealthiest Americans, including Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The new bill also would allow the Department of Agriculture to grant permission for farmers to purchase up to 2,000 acres of agricultural land for use as an experimental farm, with no public compensation or fees, in areas that currently are not open to the public.

A spokesman for House Agriculture Chairman Mike McCarthy (R – CA) said that the House voted overwhelmingly for the bill because of its priority to improve access.

“The B.M.M.’s Act is a bipartisan bill that is good policy for rural Americans, and I am confident that our colleagues on the Agriculture and Trade Committee will approve it in a timely manner,” said McCarthy spokesman Michael Collins.

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