Farmers say they’re losing more money due to drought than expected

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Farm bureau: Demarest Farms (DMF) expects to lose more than $1 million in 2016-17 due to weather conditions.

The farm bureau expects that loss will rise to $2.4 million in 2021-22, which is lower than the $2 million forecast by the agriculture department last year.

DMF also expects to miss its target of $1.5 million in 2019-20, which would be the first shortfall in the farm bureau’s history.

However, the shortfall is expected to be smaller than the shortfall the farm department projected in the spring of 2017.

The shortfall will be smaller as the bureau anticipates an increase in irrigation and other irrigation work.

“We are losing $1-$2 million per year in water use per person, per year, because we’re trying to get as much as possible out of that water as quickly as possible,” said Dale Johnson, a DMF spokesman.

“It’s a pretty big percentage, and we don’t know what the total cost will be.

We are hoping to get $2-$3 million.”

DMF is a small farm in the northern parts of Victoria that produces wheat, oats and barley, and is a regional leader in the grain industry.

“Our farming operation, in addition to producing a lot of food, has a lot more environmental impacts than other farms,” Johnson said.

“They also have a lot less water, which means they’re more expensive.”

The farm bureau estimates that the shortfall will fall over the next three years.

“But there are some areas where we do expect to see some improvement.

We’ll see how that plays out.”

Johnson said the drought conditions have had a huge impact on the industry.

“We’ve been growing a lot.

We have some good wheat in there, so we’re doing well,” he said.

The drought also affects the operation of the main irrigation system.

“In the spring we started pumping water out of the pumps in the winter,” Johnson added.

DMF is not the only small-scale farming operation to be impacted by the drought. “

And then, when the water gets back into the pipes, it’s really very expensive, and that’s why we’re putting a lot into the pumps and into the irrigation system.”

DMF is not the only small-scale farming operation to be impacted by the drought.

In the north-west, Lachlan’s Crops has been struggling to keep up with demand.

The company has been unable to keep water levels at a sustainable level, with the water level falling to a level where some areas were considered “exceptional” in the drought, and were unable to sell produce.

A drought in northern Victoria is the worst in 50 years, said a spokesman for the agriculture minister, Greg Hunt.

“It’s the worst we’ve seen for 50 years.

We’ve had a couple of years of fairly good weather in the north and we’re seeing a bit of a cooling trend, but it’s not the worst drought we’ve had in 50, 60 years,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman said the Agriculture Department will soon release a new farm forecast for 2017-18, which will be released next month.

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