A Very Productive Day

Yesterday morning we made the 30 mile trip to North Alabama Nursery. I was as anxious as a young child on a road trip to Disney World. We have a long-term plan for our tiny market garden and the main reason the plan is ‘long’ is due to the cost of purchasing large and small fruit bearing and nut bearing plants and trees. This particular nursery is the most affordable. Last year we bought apple trees, a crabapple tree, and sugar maples from them. All the trees are doing exceptionally well. I believe this company ships out of state.

Anyway, to get back to my original thought, the trip was nice. It was a beautifully warm 50+° sunny day. We get to the nursery and the nice folks there already have the blueberry bushes and the pecan trees gathered, packaged, and ready to go. (I called a day ahead.) We bought six Tifblue and six Climax bare-root blueberry plants, one Desirable pecan, and one Stuart pecan for a grand total of only $105.00! What a great price, right?!

We get back home and of course I’m eager to get to the field. The first thing we have to do is jump-start the battery to the mower. I use the mower and trailer as a “farm truck” to haul stuff back and forth from the house to the field. We load the trailer with tin to cover the compost, a load of newspapers, a few blocks to hold down the tin, and all my new babies ~ the plants and trees. Once the battery is all charged up, I head off.

I get to the field and do what needs done at the compost bin then pull on over to the shed. I fling open the door to grab a shovel and just then a mountain of stuff dumps all over the ground right at my feet. All the things we threw into the shed this winter: dirty tools, cardboard boxes, hoses, planting trays and pots, etc. literally fell out. Needless to say, the first thing I had to do was clean and organize that dang shed. It took some time but it looks good now, and I can find stuff. :)

The planting bed where the blueberries are going was just a little too wet for digging. So I’ll go back out this afternoon and get them in the ground. However, I did get the pecans planted and I moved two sugar maples to the front of the field from the back. I pruned all five apple trees. I got the blueberry bed layed out and marked. I cleaned garden tools and scrubbed 5 gallon buckets. It felt great to be outside!