Weeds Never End

Would you believe that we’re still working on strawberries?! The cold night air hasn’t hurt them one bit. The reason it’s taking such a long time to get them cleaned up and ‘winterized’ is because our time is so limited due to off-farm work and the only day we’ve had lately is Saturday and there is always many things to do on this one day. Agh! If only someone could be home all the time. The field would surely look better, or at least things wouldn’t take so long to complete.

Of course, piling the garden beds with weed-infested hay is really why things are taking so long to complete. Never, ever spread hay mulch in a weedless garden, or any garden for that matter. I bet we’ll be battling these weeds all the way through next summer. Since every weed is removed by hand, we’ll be battling them for quite some time to come.

Speaking of battles, we absolutely must figure out a way to keep the edges of the raised beds clean. It seems that mowing the paths only encourages native grasses to grow toward and into the raised beds. We most definitely DO NOT want to spray round-up in our garden but we would like a similar result from a natural source. Any suggestions?