Summer Crops

Well, after reading over our last post we are proud to say that the blueberries did survive those late, cold temperatures and the bushes are loaded. The berries are swelling. We should have fresh blueberries at the market in just a few more weeks.

Hanceville Farmers Market is where we plan to sell. The market opened this past Saturday. We’ll start attending when blueberries and summer crops come in. We’ll be there on Saturdays for a while and then, once everything starts coming in good, we’ll be there both Saturday and Wednesday  (Saturdays, 7-12 and Wednesdays, 8-12). We are excited about getting started.

Planted in our gardens now are tomatoes, green beans, basil, dill, cucumber, okra, sweet pepper, zucchini, summer squash, butter peas, pinkeye purple hull peas, watermelon, and blackeye peas. More stuff is growing in the green house just waiting to get planted and lots more is planned.

We are still working on getting our cold room and well set up and running. Time and money, you know? But it all should be up and going this season.