It’s Coming Together

Well, after walking around aimlessly for several days trying to accept the reality of the tornado, we finally started cutting and dragging the debris off of the garden. All of the tomato cages, crow scaring apparatus, pallets to the compost bins, buckets, and watering containers were found. Most of the double dug beds were flattened when large trees fell on them and many plants were either broken or uprooted, but we did find a few still struggling to survive.

The potato bed was smashed and only a few small potatoes were dug up from where the plants were broken. The plants still showing life were left to grow but so far they haven’t bloomed. Not much is expected from them. The onions were in the same bed and were all destroyed. Another bed containing carrots, beets, lettuce, and sweet peas was flattened by a huge pine. The peas were completely crushed with not even one pod remaining. Most lettuce plants are good. The broken plants, leaves, branches, and sticks were removed from the carrots and turnips and the ones left seem to be growing just fine. The bed with the squash was only compacted slightly as only huge limbs full on it instead of huge trees. Summer squash and cucumber have been re-planted. The radish plants were crushed but some have made it to the dinner table. In another bed the corn and Roma bean plants were broken but have now been re-planted. Only one tomato plant was broken, and after very aggressive pruning it seems to be growing just fine. Most of the lima bean plants were broken and will not be re-planted. All of the planting beds were covered with debris so thick that not even the sunshine could get through. It’s taken a lot of hard work but the garden is coming together again.

On top of all this … this week pole green beans, okra, pumpkin, winter squash, and sunflowers were planted, and sweet peppers, more tomatoes, marigolds, and eggplants were transplanted. Also one compost pile got turned, debris was cut and dragged, and perennial planters found permanent locations. Whew! It’s been a busy week! Who knows? We may make it to the market after all.