It’s a beautiful blue-sky kind of day and wouldn’t you know, Roy has to work off-farm. I’ve gone ahead and spread 120 pounds of ag-lime onto plot four by simply dumping it into our drop spreader then pushing it vertically and horizontally several times back and forth across the plot to ensure the lime is spread evenly. Roy plans to till the lime under later today.

This lime is pelletized so to ensure it has plenty of time to absorb moisture and begin to break down before planting begins, it must be tilled into the soil as soon as the soil can be worked in late winter or early spring (at least 3-6 weeks before planting). The weather is predicted to be wet and snowy for most of next week which is great for breaking down the lime, so we believe this plot will be ready for planting by March 1st.

The other nutrients … cottonseed meal (N), bone meal (P), and kelp meal (K) … will be added at planting time as these nutrients only remain in the soil for about four months. We did decide to go ahead and add potassium, too, since the soil test showed only a medium level.

We are very eager to get this year’s growing season started.