Putting it Up

The tomatoes finally started producing. I just finished canning my 24th quart of “chili” tomatoes. Yum! There’s still a lot coming in so I hope to get “spaghetti” tomatoes canned too. After that, I’ll start to put up quarts of vegetable soup with tomatoes and whatever veggies I can get my hands on.

The purple hull peas never have done much, I did manage to get 16 pints canned though. I only have four quarts of rattlesnake green beans put up but I think I’ll get a lot more because it seems they have just now begun to make. I got 15 pints of strawberry jam along with three gallons of frozen whole berries put away. There’s black berry jam left from a previous year and a few quarts of pears I put up earlier this year. The Mississippi Cream Peas are just now beginning to bloom so, hopefully, I’ll get some of them canned too. Okra isn’t doing too well either but since it makes until frost there is still plenty of time to get some put up ~ if it ever blooms that is. Sweet corn has just begun to tassel. The cabbage transplant will go out tomorrow. We’ll broadcast turnip greens and kale, too. I would really like to can some greens for the winter.

I’ve learned that it is very important to preserve everything possible while its available because I never know when a poor gardening year is going to happen. Thank you, God, for good food and knowing how to keep it.