Cutting & Burning

new leaf bin

We’ve been really busy the past couple of weeks working on the to-do lists and getting winters ‘mess’ cleaned up around the yard and garden. Today, we plan to us a push mower that has a collection bag to mulch and collect dried leaves that are still falling from our oak trees. The leaves can be used to mulch the garden beds or as a great addition of carbon to the compost bin. That’s a pic of the new leaf composting bin above. Right now, everything is getting dumped into it but the plan is to only use it for leaves in the future. Dried leaves go on top, rotted ones come out the bottom. Here’s the link that shows exactly how to build one.

Sugar snap peas, white potatoes, storage onions, radishes, and carrots have been planted. Radishes and onions are  up but we’re still waiting on the rest. The garlic has been weeded and is doing just fine. The strawberry plants are bouncing back after their very soggy winter. Both the garlic and strawberries will get their first dose of the season of Comfrey tea today. Some was saved from last year just to get an early start with it this year.

All the transplants that were started back in January are doing great. A few tomatoes, marigolds, and sweet basil will be potted up today to get ready for market. We are setting up a table at a local flea market on the first Sunday in April with only these few plants and whatever else we find to haul up there.

Yesterday was spent cutting and burning. After the tornado in 2011 we decided to let things grow on their own for a year in hopes that some of the trees would put up new shoots (that was last year), and this year they have! There are a lot of poplar and redbud trees that must have grown back ten feet since being ripped up by those high winds. There are tiny oaks, new pine trees, and even a young river birch that must be eight feet tall. There are a lot of new wild blackberry bushes sprouting up, too. It was fun discovering our new yard. There’s still a lot to do, though, with a couple more trees left to prune (we couldn’t finish yesterday because the chain on the saw wore out and has to be replaced) and two massive debris piles left to burn. We only have 3.2 acres but it’s just like living on our own little plot of wild country. :)