About Us

RockyCrop Farms is a tiny market garden located three miles west of Hanceville, Alabama in the beautiful Stouts Mountain Valley area. Our field is a half-acre of intensely worked space that produces responsibly grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and flowers.

Our goal is to produce healthy, nutrient rich foods in an all-natural way while conserving the soil. To do this we raise our crops using natural gardening methods like planting untreated seeds; crop rotation and companion planting; planting flowers and herbs to attract beneficial insects; and saving and growing our own seed. We build healthy soil by regularly adding compost, green manures, and natural amendments. Our crops are raised without pesticides.

Growing food like we do is very labor-intensive and requires total dedication. But as we strive to be good stewards of the land God has lent to us, we are constantly reminded of the rewards of natural gardening and real foods. These rewards are healthy soil, delicious food, and good health. Who could ask for anything more?

Your growers,

Roy & Kelly McNeely