A ‘pursell farm’ menu in the works for 2017-18

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Mendocino farmers are looking forward to opening a new, “pursell” farm to showcase their “great product” in 2017-19, with plans to open a “mendochain” version of the restaurant next year.

The first farm in California to receive a state license to sell the product, Pursell Farms, will serve up fresh produce and other specialty items to consumers.

The farm, which is located at the corner of the California-Mexico border, is the first in the state to receive the license.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has been working with the Pursell family for the past several years, but only recently received the state’s first farm license.

The first two farms in the Mendocinos were opened in 2017 and 2018.

The third farm is set to open in 2019.

While the Purse Farms restaurant is set up to offer fresh produce, the new farm will have a menu of the “purse farm” version, said the company’s chief marketing officer, Jim Prentice.

The purse farm will include “the same, quality product that’s been available to consumers in California and across the United States,” he said.

“We are looking at a lot of new things, new recipes,” Prentice said.

“We’re just going to start to bring it to the marketplace.”

The Pursell Farm will serve only the freshest and most nutritious food, but Prentice and his family are hopeful the restaurant will be a “great success” in the area.

Prentice said the farm would also serve up specialties that Pursell has been doing in California for several years.

“The Purse Farm will feature a purse of the best in local and regional produce, meats and dairy products, along with some of the freshening ingredients and flavors that are a hallmark of the Mendochain brand,” he added.

The Pursel Farm is expected to open sometime this year, and is expected in Mendocina.

The company, which specializes in fresh produce for sale to local markets, has been a staple of Mendocinas food scene for years.

It was founded by a group of business owners who started in 2008, when they started selling locally grown produce in the nearby city of Redding.

The family of four now operates two other farms, Prentice added.

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