Breaking Ground

new plot

This week was another busy one. We made a trip to North Alabama Nursery on Monday and picked up 6 Premier Rabbiteye blueberry bushes and one Concord grape. Premier is supposed to one of the best but they’ll have to be pretty darn good to beat the taste of the Tifblue and Climax bushes we already have producing. The grape will be trellised with one other grape plant that’s been growing wildly all alone along the outer edge of our yard.

On Tuesday Sweet Italian basil, Black Beauty eggplant, and California Sweet Bell pepper transplants were started. We were blown away when tiny basil seedlings were poking through the soil on Thursday. Wow, the basil germinated in less that 48 hours! We’re still waiting on peppers and eggplant.

Yesterday we broke ground on our new planting area. We spread lime first and then lightly tilled it into the soil to give it some time to break down before planting. This new area give us six more 30″x40′ bed for a total of forty-eight beds equaling 100 square feet each. Keeping the beds equal size cuts down on planning time because we already know how much seed to purchase, how many plants to start, how much amendments to use, etc for 100 square feet. It is still our goal to raise crops using no tillage, but occasionally we do pull out ol’ Tilly and put her to work.

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