We’re Back!

We have been without an internet connection for at least 7 months! But not anymore. Because it’s been so long since our last post, I’ll fill you in a little on what we were doing, what we’re doing now, and what we hope to be doing later.

Hubby and I have been working really, really hard (I’m talking blood, guts, and sweat) for the past five years to turn our three acre parcel into an area suitable for self-sufficiency and sustainability. This is a goal we shared then and remain focused on to this day. Where there used to be a jumbled up mess of brambles, privet, pine trees, and fallen hardwoods now sits apple trees, a blueberry orchard, figs, and pecans, plum trees, sugar maples, and even a black walnut tree. There is a black locust, baby pines in just the right spot, a river birch, comfrey, and a beautifully rotund rosemary bush. There is a garden shed with a lean-to for parking tillers and mowers and rakes and such. There is at least 6’000 square feet dedicated to growing vegetables, and it’s fenced! There is even a small greenhouse and a small hoop house, too.

We know all of this may not sound like a lot to some folks, but Hubby and I have done everything with our own bare hands while working full-time jobs, caring for our home and family, and tending to animals. And, neither one of us is a spring chicken. So, everything I mentioned above is well worth bragging about ~ at least a little anyways. We grow it all naturally, too!

Our original plan was to establish and maintain a tiny Market Garden and earn a tiny paycheck to supplement retirement income. HA! We sold 33 lettuce plants last year for a whopping $11.00 – that’s it. No income supplementing going on here ~ not yet anyways. This year will be our best ever as I have more time to dedicate specifically to the raising and marketing of our products. We’ll remember to stay focused on the overall health benefits of eating good food and getting plenty of exercise. And, who knows, we may make $20.00 this year. 😉 Anyways, it is nice to be back.

Happy Growing ♥


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