Too Much Rain

So far, all is growing well throughout the garden. This year’s excessive amount of rainfall has prevented us from cultivating the plants as they should be so a little grass is spread here and there with a weed or two popping through. The plants are really loving the rain though, as they absorb every last drop of water seemingly knowing that in only a short while the craving for just one drop of the liquid may be severe. Despite the plant’s joy, an extended period of rainfall does allow the grass to flourish as no one can get into the garden plots to pull it out! When the rain finally subsides and the sun pops out, I know this grass will be at least knee high. Summer grasses in Alabama are so very invasive, in no time at all a beautiful garden plot can look like a weed farm.

Our prayers are with those who have suffered great loss in Texas and Oklahoma due to excessive rain and flooding. However distant it may seem, the sun will shine again. Know that you are loved.

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