Needing Saturday

Sleet and freezing rain are hindering any work outside, on and off farm, as roads and bridges are not safely traveled over. It seems no one is going anywhere today. Both people and animals have cuddled up and fallen back to sleep this morning. I may do the same as the sound of the sleet is so relaxing as it steadily taps against the metal roof.

No matter how chilly or cold or damp the air is, inside or outside, the plants in the tiny greenhouse are growing. Tomatoes have pushed their tender heads through the soil and are beginning to stretch upward, to bad there is no sun for them today. The lettuce is growing beautifully but it is screaming, “Get me in the dirt!” The ground is just too soggy for planting, though. Saturday is supposed to be a sunny, semi-warm day. The lettuce will go out then. Come on Saturday!