Pole Bean Bed

I can hardly believe it but we managed to get outside today and finish prepping the permanent pole bean area. This is a 3’x50′ bed. Starting two feet from one end, five 8′ metal poles were set two feet deep at 11 1/2′ intervals. A black plastic netting was cut 46′ long and 5 1/2′ wide then stretched along the poles. Starting at the top and using zip-ties, the netting was strapped to each pole leaving about 6″ from the bottom of the netting to the soil; this makes a great trellis for both the pole beans and the sugar snap peas.

This bed will be planted in the spring with sugar snap peas and lettuce. In summer it will be planted with rattlesnake green beans, cucumbers, and dill. Then, in the fall, it will be planted with collard greens and cabbage which will be left to overwinter. Even though we refer to this bed as the permanent pole bean bed, it will really be home to many crops over the course of one full year.


One thought on “Pole Bean Bed

  1. Jealous! I’ve been hoping to get just such a bed set up in my place, but I haven’t had time to sort out all the particulars yet. Hopefully I’ll have something similar by this fall.

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