Still Working Strawberries

There was a very hard freeze two nights last weeks and I was concerned that perhaps the strawberry plants wouldn’t survive, but they did! Those plants have no idea it was freezing last week. Now the weather is supposed to bottom out at the upper 30’s/lower 40’s and top off in the 60’s next week. That will be good for the plants; it’ll give them a little time to come back from the cut back.

Yesterday we were able to finish the rejuvenation of the bed that was started last week. Next week I hope we are able to get started in another bed. The work is slow and tedious and we’ve decided NOT to try to raise so many organic strawberry plants at one time again. Instead, we’ll keep one smaller bed just for our own consumption. Of course the beds wouldn’t be so weedy if it wasn’t for the hay mulch we threw on top of them last summer.

We’ve not had one drop of rain in several weeks, so the soil is very hard and dry making it difficult to remove weeds and thin plants. There is a 30% chance of rain today. I just looked at the radar and wouldn’t you know it, all the rain is to our south?! Speaking of rain, there has been a special place in my thoughts and prayers for those of you who received too much rain last week. Good things come to those who trust in the Lord. Hang in there.

Other than getting those strawberries rejuvenated, the garden is right where we want it to be. The blueberry beds are ready to for planting. The clover is coming up in the corn beds. Rye is sprouting in between beds and in the sweet pepper beds. The leaf corral is built and awaiting its first delivery of crunchy fallen leaves. Compost piles are cooking. Comfrey tea is stored for next spring. Flower and herb beds are ready for March planting. The ditch that runs north-to-south through the middle of the field still needs to be cleaned out but, hey, we have all winter.

Our plans through next spring, as far as planting goes, is to concentrate on setting out the blueberry bushes, a couple of pecans trees and plum trees, and maybe getting those muscadines in the ground, so no more raised planting beds are planned at this time. Instead, we will concentrate on developing the beds that already exist by adding lots of organic matter. I’m already excited about next year.