Just Working

Yesterday, Roy and I re-located the garden shed to the north end of field. Where it set previously was way down at the south end of the field, well away from the main garden. It wasn’t a terrible location for a garden shed to be, but it was a lot of walking back-and-forth for those important forgotten things like marking string or hammers or buckets. Anyway, the shed is more conveniently located now and a lot of time ‘wandering’ back-and-forth will be saved for more important activities.

I look forward to getting back out in the garden today. We will secure the shed to the ground with anchors and cable and nail back on a board that became dislocated when the shed was being drug around the field. Now that it is finally in a permanent spot, it is time to give the shed a face-lift with red and white barn paint. We may replace the doors, too.

I re-did the To-Do list and moved some thing forward to 2013. There are still a few things to finish this year, though. We will finish the garden shed, we will dig a 4’x4′ apple tree bed and set out a Yellow Delicious apple tree, we will plant two pecan trees, we will set out fourteen blueberry bushes, and we will finally get the bottom in the bridge that goes across a north-to-south drainage ditch that runs the entire length of the field. I know we can do it!

This month we will plant the garlic (hopefully today), clean and make ready beds for the blueberry bushes, determine the location for the pecan trees, clean out hot pepper beds then broadcast them with crimson clover, and burn a few debris piles that are scattered all around the field. I hope to get started collecting fallen leaves for the new leaf composting bin as well.

I think I’ll try extra hard to remember that stinkin’ camera. I get outside and wish so much that I had it with me but just can’t make myself trek back up the hill to get it.