Barely Staying Focused

Rain falling
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I was awakened at 3:30a.m. by the heavy rain as it pounded against the ceiling window in our master bathroom. I got up and  closed the door hoping to drowned out the noise; it didn’t work. The rain went on for what seemed like hours as I laid there, beside Mr. Gardener, wide awake unable to fall back to sleep. I stared at the black ceiling until, finally, the clock alarmed at 5:30. I fell out of bed and stumbled into the closed door. The  rain had stopped. I sat back down on the bed and reached over to wake Mr. Gardener. Just as I touched  his smooth shoulder, he reached up and pulled me … OH! WAIT A MINUTE! Sorry. I lost myself there for a minute.

Anyway, I finally made it to the field around 9:00a.m. (Mr. Gardener left for work a little late too 😉 ). I felt sort of ‘draggy’ and would have gladly welcomed back the rain just to have an excuse to go inside. The rain never came. Today I forced myself to clean bed #4. I got about half of it done so I am right on schedule with the planting beds. I marked a few tiny trees with orange tape so we can remember which ones not to cut down this winter. I had hoped to get the shed caulked but the weather man said there will likely be more rain late this afternoon. I guess I’ll caulk tomorrow. 

Now I’m inside, sitting at the computer and drinking hot coffee. I’d really like to be napping but sleeping during the daylight hours always makes me feel like I’ve wasted time, unless Mr. Gardener is with me. I’ll probably spend most of the afternoon working on our bookkeeping system. We haven’t been keeping records. With it being our first year, our main concentration has been on clearing the field and setting up planting beds. We’ll start getting serious about our books in January. I’ve got a fairly good system laid out but it just seems too complex. I need to consolidate a few things, get rid of others, and make sure we haven’t left anything out. Wish me well, I need to focus.